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I'd love to see these online. :) Finding my ancestor on White's Pension Index allowed us to make gigantic dents in our brickwall, and we were able to find some documents for him in the Pennsylvania Archives on Footnote and Google, but we tried ordering them through the NARA without luck.

So, I'd love to know what else is in the file. :)

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Yes, all pension files seem so voluminous. Ancestry and other have the War of 1812 Index, which is about 58,000 cards.
So many folks seem intent on proving a line to the Revolutionary War, but the War of 1812 was also critical historically and genealogically. In fact, it has as many veterans as the RW -as perhaps more- but they are widely neglected.

I'd like to see online the V.A. Pension Payment Cards, 1907-1933 (NARA M-850, 2,539 films). About 1.6 million cards for veterans and widows!

PS: NARA staff is overworked and underpaid.
:) yes, I'm sure the NARA staff is underappreciated, and neglected especially now in this economy. I just wish our history and our ancestors were given better treatment.



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