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Looking for info on the following family names: Strohm, Auerswald, Allison, Forsythe, Ferguson. Located in and around northern Allegheny County townships of Indiana, O'Hara, Shaler, Hampton, Fox Chapel, Etna, Sharpsburg, etc.
I don't have a direct line but a great aunt, Ella Blanche Reid (1891-1961) married and had two children by Charles Bradford Allison, Jr. (1889-abt 1932).
I have an Anna Jane Forsythe who married August Flick 1894. Does that help??
No, I don't have those names in my database. I do have Leicester King Forsythe (1844-1910) married to Ellen Mary McDowell (1844-1888) and their decendants. Thanks for your interest.
Looking for info on Rombach family who settled in Allegheny Co. in the 1830's. Census shows them living in Ward 4. Also looking for Luly/Luley family and Cauff family, also in the same area.
TO ALL: It is difficult for anyone to help many of you if you fail to provide given names & approx. years of birth & other pertinent data. Providing this would be so that they might match up their findings with your data! In other words, if you would like more assistance from people, then for your benefit & theirs, please provide more data.

In this case, email given (1st) names of the target ancestral couple & their children, approx. years & states in which they were born. For sanity's sake, let's pick on just one surname: Rombach. The search is free, but if I find something for you, would that digital image be worth $50 to you? If I went on to find many data, documents & images, what would that be worth to you? Make your generous offer.

Be sure to tell me what data, documents & images you already have in DIGITAL (i.e., an editable, enlargable, sharable, computerized graphic) format. A paper copy is no longer sufficient for this new world. My offer stands for others reading this.

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I seek someone who can do on-site research in Allegheny &/or Beaver County, PA IN EXCHANGE FOR USA, immigration or GERMANIC OR EUROPEAN research! I am a proven entity.

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Hello, my name is April and am interested in Nicholsons, from Allegheny Co., PA. My grandfather's name was George Fredrick Nicholson, parents were Edward Nicholson and Salome Nicholson. My fathers name is James Edward Nicholson, his mothers name is Barbara Horn. Please any and all information is helpful!!
Thank you April
Looking for parents and siblings of Robert STODDARD/STODDART who was born in Ulster (allegedly County Fermanagh) about 1754. He removed to Carlisle County, Pennsylvania by at least 1789, and then settled in Moon Township, Allegheny County, PA. His wife was Margaret (supposedly SEATON) whom he married before relocating to Moon Township. Their children were Nancy (WALKER), Martha (SMITH & PATRICK), John (married Mary HOLMES), Margaret, Mary (FEREE), Maria (JEFFREY), Robert (married Margaret CROOKS), and Elizabeth.

Also seeking origins of James STODDART who also settled in Moon Township and married Nancy REILLY. They were both from Ulster. It is suspected that Robert and James were brothers or cousins.
Looking for information on George Washington HOLMES, son of Obadiah and Jane (RICHARDSON) HOLMES, who was born about 1790. George was a physician in Pittsburgh during the early 1800s. His brother, Shepley Ross HOLMES, was also a well-known physician of the time. George was a member of a Masonic Lodge and a theater group in Pittsburgh during the 1830s and then disappeared. He may have been living with another family during the 1830s and 1840s; hence, he was not listed in the census. Does anyone know if he married or what became of him?
I am attempting to find a marriage between Alexander Erskine and Marrion Morris.
The event occurred about 1871 and most likely in Allegheny County. My confusion is that there seem to be no records of marriages betwen 1800 and 1890 - or at least not where I have been looking. Would some kind soul please offer some guidance here?

I am looking for information of Mary Ann Negley bor on 20 Aug 1786 in Neagley Town, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania and Henry Negley born 20 Oct. 1790. Their parents were Alexander Negley and Anna Maria (mary) Bergstraesser. Alexander and Anna Maria are buried in Pittsburg, Allegheny County at the Negley Circle Highland Park which had been his farm.
Thank you for any help.





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