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I'm trying to learn more about Sebastian Arney (1775-1810), who lived in Wythe County, VA

Sebastian Arney (1775-1810)
Married Anna Maria Phillippi (1776-1854)


Christian Arney (1792-1850), married Mary (surname/maiden name, unknown)
Molly Magdalena Arney (1796-1887)
Henry Arney (1797-1887), married Elizabeth "Betsey" Phillippi
John Jacob Arney (1800-1868), married Sarah Sallie Salome Litz
Peter Arney (1801-1891), married Catherine Fox (1796-1880)
David Arney (1803-1878), married Floranzia Cowden (1814-1889)
Maria "Mary" Arney (1803-1897)
Christiana Anne Arney (1807-1885), married John Tims Boyd (1805-1876)
Sally "Salome" Arney (1808-1842), married David Miller

Now, it has been "said", that Sebastian Arney was the son of Christian "Christy" Arney, Sr. (1750-1834), who lived the majority of his life, in Lincoln County, North Carolina.
Yet, to date, I myself, haven't found any documentation proving this "theory".
In Christian "Christy" Arney, Sr.'s Will, there is no mention of a Sebastian, even though, he mentions all his other children, including other children that "passed away" before Christian "Christy" Arney, Sr. himself.

Any information, on this family (Sebastian Arney), would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, for your time, consideration, and cooperation, I truly appreciate it.

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