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One of my lines is the Golze family from Germany, my great great grandfather was Gustavus Golze, a tailor of some repute in Philadelphia from circa 1860-1910s. I think i found him on immigration records, but I can't find his father, Friederich August Golze(according to Friederich's death record in 1880). Friederich was born in 1811 in Germany, then died in Philadelphia in 1880. I can't find him in 1870 or 1860, I don't see anyone that matches him when Gustavus arrived in 1856, I think he arrived on his own.

Any ideas?

Thank you-

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I Have the same problem too, My Great Grandmother Came to America in 1882 she got nauralized in 1886 she die here and yet they have no record of her on the ships manifests or naturalization. She came here from England..She has an Odd last name Gonelligan it is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Hi Barbara-

I looked at Ancestry and can't find any references for Gonelligan, I see many for Gonell from England-
Aren't unusual surnames the most fun?
What exactly is your research goal, and where have you searched so far?

We have source checklists in our Group called Serious Queries!

Sometimes the challenge is 'in which haystack on which farm is my needle in'?
Most immigrants living in Philadelphia arrived via New York, 90 miles away. In 1855, for example, here were the arrival patterns:
20,000 New Orleans
18,000 Boston
16,000 New York
13,500 minor ports
7,500 Philadelphia
7,000 Baltimore

In that year (when the stats are more easily available) the sailing lines from Liverpool were having a poor year serving NYC and Philadelphia. This was due to an 1854 disaster where 450 in one were lost on their way to Philadelphia, and to ships being used by France during war. The peak arrival times, however, remained April to October; you may need to search manually. About 1/3 of the city was foreign-born with all of those Germans and Irish.

The Philadelphia arrivals were first noted in two National Archive/WPA indexes: 1800-1906 Philadelphia, and some of 1820-1874 in the Atlantic Ports index.

The 1850-1934 Hamburg departure records are much more detailed.
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