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My name is June Lea (nee: Thomas) Davis.  I was born in Middletown, Ohio ,June 13,1927 to


Chester R. and R.Cleo (nee: Stephenson) Thomas.m. june 30, 1926 Falmouth KY (Pendletown Co.)


My father is 3rd of 4 sons born to:  Basil Morgan and Alice Maude (nee:Utter) m. mar.8, 1899 Falmouth, KY (Pendletown Co).


Basil, who went by Morg, was born May 11(?), 1862, one of 7 boys born to:

Samuel Riley and Elizabeth (nee: Ellis) Thomas in Pendleton county KY.m.Aug.14, 1856(Falmouth, KY. Pendleton County)


Samuel, who went by Riley, was a son of Bazel Thomas and Lavina (nee:Kirby) Thomas m.mar.8.1832(Falmouth, KY. Pendleton Co.)


An early census record indicates Basel born in Ohio.  There is where we are stuck.  We do not know who his parents were.  He and Lavina are buried on top of a hill, the highest point in Pendletown County, on the old Thomas homestead.  Which has been sold several times.  My sister and I visited this site in 1983.


I have no siblings for the first Bazel and his name is spelled BAZEL in the marriage record book.  My grandfather's name was spelled BASIL.


There are 4 Thomas males listed on this record page married before Bazel, dating back to March 1805, but we have no idea if they are related.


We also found, in this record book, a possible marriage of our grandfather, Basil Morgan Thomas, to another woman, Mahala Trailer, in Feb. 1881.  My father and his siblings knew nothing about this and we don't think the marriage actually took place (?)  My grandfather and one of his brothers left Ky. about this time and homesteaded land in Colorado (Lamar), so they told us.  We haven't found any record of this.


We copied three pages of the record book in 1983.  Glad we did, as a flood damaged these and other records in the courthouse a few years back.  The records were sent to Washington, D.C. to be dried out and repaired.  I don't know if they are available at this writing.


Who were the first Bazel's parents??? Where in Ohio was he born?  We have researched Darke Co. and Clermont Co. to no avail.  At least, not to satisfy me.  My sister thinks there is a possible link from Darke (or Green Co).  Maybe.  No proof.  My dad always insisted he was related to Col. Thomas of Civil War fame.  Just heresay.


That's our hangup.  Boys are scarce in our line, so it might be a little hard to find a Thomas for DNA, although I do have one cousin, who lives in Florida.  He is the only male, along with his own two sons, who carry the Thomas name in our direct line. 

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June, the name Samuel was in my family. My grandfather's name is Harvey Clinton Thomas (born in Rose Hill, Va; Great Grandfather - James Alvin Thomas (born in Rose Hill, VA), wife - Mary A. Baldwin, Great great Grandfather - George Slater Thomas, wife Catherine Ingle - First Thomas to the USA from Palatinate, Germany - Martin Thomas, born 1702 - to Lebanon Twp, Lancaster, PA, Father's name was Durst Thomas, mother was Catherina, wife's name was Barbara. Other repeated family names: William Henderson Thomas, George Thomas. My Grandfather, James Alvin Thomas, was a horse trainer in the US Army during the Civil War and died of the measles at Camp Robinson, KY during the war (I think in 1863). At least one of the descendants of Martin fought in the revolutionary war. A famous general in the Civil War was a George Thomas, but I don't know if he was related to our family or not. My uncle Samuel, who loved to act like he knew things he really didn't know, said General George was connected to our family, but I take most of his information with a grain of salt. I guess it is a possibility considering we had Thomas ancestors in the Revolutionary War Army. General George was from VA as were some of my Thomas ancestors. My guess is that they migrated down to VA from PA. If my memory of history is correct, some of the VA land was given to Revolutionary War veterans to compensate them for pay they didn't receive during the war. But, unlike uncle Samuel, I am not certain of this information. Take it wit a grain of salt.
Yes, a grain of salt applies until we can prove something! George Thomas, the Civil War Gen. was married but had no children. If we were related to him, as my dad seemed to think, our line would have been through a sibling of his or an uncle, etc.

Jan may have some information about Bazel's parents. She has something about a Samuel Thomas being his father. Whether this is documented or not, well.....I'll have to wait until I see her, I suppose.

This Thomas Genealogy site is new. Who knows what may come from it. I realize, as you do, Thomas is a common name. It just isn't common to us!! LOL We feel unique, don't we?

They ask us why we are interested in digging into our ancestry. Besides just wanting the knowledge and the curiosity, I want to document as much as possible so our children and their children will be in the know better than we have been. I, and my sisters, just didn't pay as much attention to our parents' tales as we should, and I could certainly kick myself. Jan asks me things that I remember when I was a child. Things that the old folks told me. They were all dead by the time she was born, except for our maternal grandmother, and none of us thought to question her about anything. I feel like I remember some things, very distrinctly. I pray my memory isn't playing tricks on me. (Most of what I [think I] remember is on my mother's side though, dad worked very long hours and wasn't home a lot when I was growing up.)

This very thing will happen to our own kids. They'll get really interested once we are gone. Human nature, unfortunately.

I have lots of hand written pages of things we copies from various courthouse records, and library records. Jan and I have dug through many dusty and musty books. Most is disjointed and worthless to us, but, as Jan says, you never know.............

We'll keep at it as long as we can! Thanks, Jerry.
Hope to see you in a couple months..........................June



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