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If you are interested in setting up a one name study why not join the Guild of One name Studies. Have a look at their web site


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The Guild has all level of members from those just starting out on a one name study to those with many years experience. One advantage of joining is that you can ask questions in the forum and get help and advice on setting up your study.

Something else you may be interested in - pharos tutors ( run an on-line course - An Introduction to one name studies.

Carolyn has put membership of the Guild excellently!

Have a look at the archives of the forum here -

Many Guild members register a surname, with the aim of collecting data worldwide, but probably more new members join without registering a name, but still with an interest in one-name studies.

Come on & join us!

Guild Forum Manager
Daphne -

Sorry - it's a closed list for Guild members. But I look forward to seeing you on board when dollars permit!
Daphne -

Great news!

I've just produced a poster for a seminar for new or would-be Guild members to be held near where I live - featuring the Forum, as that's my part in the Guild, and I've uploaded it here.
Hi, afraid I'm a "veteran"; my ONS began in 1982 in the days when data could only be collected by travelling to various places, particularly London. Mind you, it was fun then, lugging those heavy tomes about at St Catherine's house, spending hours at Portugal Street winding census films. I can see that it looks a bit daunting to collect all that information, but it is a lot easier now that there is so much on the internet. Mind you, there is so much now available on-line that I'm way behind in collecting all the new stuff that is there. I suppose the main problem with a ONS is how to store and record all the information that you collect. Everyone does that in their own way: I sit here amongst piles of paperwork yet to be dealt with, but my excuse is that I have just started using a new FH program and I have several large "pending" piles. All in all this is a very rewarding occupation.
Hi Everyone
I am John Laws, a member of the Guild of One Name Studies, researching LAW, LAWE, LAWES, LAWS, LAWSE World-Wide though my own LAWS family came from the Stepney/Bethnal Green/Mile End area and were mostley Mariners, and my earliest is Henry son of John & Mary Laws from Walworth, fairly newly built when he was born in 1800.
I have collected a huge database The LAWS FAMILY REGISTER we have our own group on this site, our own website and also I moderate the LAW@Rootsweb & LAWS-UK@Rootsweb groups, Hope we can give mutual help
I am one of those ol' dinasours who see not point to joining GOONS unless one has a ONS



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