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My name is Don Spade and my great, great grandparents,Jacob A. & Emerelle Spade moved to South Dakota from Iowa about 1900. They trace back to John Spade from Germany who fought in the Revolutionary War. I only have record of him having one son, John. He married Elizabeth Bowersox (Bauersachs) and they had 12 children who together had about 75 children (if my details are accurate). This is the link to the website where I have this part of the tree --- . I would love to get more details about the other family lines of the Spade's from our common ancestor. Let's keep in touch.

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Welcome to the group Donald! We are definetly kin, if excessively removed and distant! John and Mary Schaeffer/Shaffer Spade had at least one other son, Michael A Spade. He was married to Ann DeHart (dau. of Abraham and Christina Ensminger DeHart - Abraham was a Sargeant in the Rev War serving in PA). Michael and Ann had a son named William Callihill (often seen as Callahan) Spade born 15 Dec 1840, died 1 June 1925. William C married Emma Angelina Skaggs on 28 Nov 1868. William C's grandmother Mary Scaeffer Spade was listed in their household in the 1850 census. I have lots on this line and I'd love to share it with you and bring our branches closer! Several of my immediate line (my father's name is Ronald Spade) still have roots in West Virginia, or were at least born there and have since moved elsewhere. Most of my info from this line is from a fellow Spade descendant named Shirley Green Ulaki, whom I met back in 2007. She has self-published a book on the Foster, Skaggs and related families from quite a ways back. Please email me at osujodi (at) yahoo (dot) com

But John son of John the IA also had son William born 1818.  He died

in MI just over IN border.

What birth year do u hv 4 John from Germany?



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