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This site has a lot of great things on it. If you go to research and homework, then Research database they have a genealogy link. The yellow paint mark for Digital images has City Directories. Newsdex has newspaper info. If you find something you want a copy of or want a death notice and you know the Name and death date you can get a copy from them.

I have e-mailed them and had copies sent to my home for a fee of under fifty cent a page and i have also e-mailed them and asked them to e-mail in info to me. There was no charge for the info that was e-mailed to me. And you do not have to have a Cincinnati Library card to use this.

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Cincinnati City Directories‏

The Cincinnati Public Library has a fabulous resource called the
virtual library, where anyone can download books, music, maps, etc.
They have the images of Cincinnati city directories for most years
between 1819 and 1894 online, you can download them as a PDF file.

Here is the link to the Virtual Library page:

And then there is this site, there are other states on this one!
There are a bunch of Cincinnati directories, as well as other places, up on the Directory page:

You can confine your search to the Cincinnati books using the SEARCH
SELECTOR in the Left Pane. Or you can browse one book at a time by clicking
on that book's link. When it loads, you will find links to all of the pages
in the Left Pane. As you click on the link for a page, it loads in the
Center Pane. The Center Pane also includes links to step forward and
backward one page at a time.

Don't be too trusting of the search index. It's pretty good but not

To view a list of material available click on "Browse Virtual
Library". The directories are under "Downloadable City Directories".
There are also some books of genealogical interest under "Downloadable
Old and Rare Books". They have the Cincinnati Sandborn maps for
1904-1917 online as well (under maps).
Here are some more directory links:

1840 Cincinnati City Directory

1825 Cincinnati City Directory
Hamilton County, Ohio City, County, and Rural Directories (Online Directory Site)
Accessing Blegen Library Holding Online
The University Of Cincinnati Blegen Library has a lot of old records, including Citizenship Records, 1837-1916. You can look through the site and see what they have and how to get a copy.

Citizenship Records, 1837-1916

Hamilton Co. GenWeb.
There are a lot of things on here and they have people adding stuff often

Searchable Cemeteries in the Hamilton Co. area.

Mt Moriah Cemetery

Wesleyan Cemetery

Spring Grove Cemetery
Click on 'Education' then 'Genealogy'

Gate of Heaven Cemetery

Walnut Hills Cemetery

St. Joseph New Cemetery
Click on 'Record Search'

Mt. Washington Cemetery
Not all of these are searchable but there is good location info for most of them. These are all cemeteries listed with the Hamilton County Auditor's office, and they collect taxes so they should know where they all are;~)
Cincinnati Historical Society Library
Thank you very much for telling me how it works - I've been to their page but have never found clear instructions so was unsure whether requests were OK, how much they charged if so, etc. Do you typically pay in advance?
If you are talking about the Cincinnati and Hamilton Co. Library they will send a bill with what they send you in the mail. It has been two or three years since I got anything in the mail but it was only a quarter a page, the bill was for fifty cents. I can't make myself write a check for fifty cents so I sent them two dollars I think.
Hamilton County, Ohio - FamilySearch Wiki





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