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I've copied Caren's comment and placed it here in the discussion section. That way we can help Caren and it is easier to keep track of answers.

Comment by Caren Lehto

Comment My great grandfather's name is Robert Nestor Lehto. His birth name is Robert Nestor Osterlund (or Osterlunde). He came to America from Pori, Finland somewhere between 1900 and 1905. I've been thinking he came in thru Canada as the family lived in Michigan till around 1920. He came with his mother Anna and his brother. Now the really confusing thing is that his brother changed his surname to Alve. I believe his name was Rupert. Robert was born in 1888 according to the few documents I've been able to find. The earliest record of him I've found is his WWI draft card.

Caren, I found a record of Robert Osterlund in the Border Crossings from Canada to USA. He arrived 31 March 1911 from Liverpool England on ship Corsican to Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is Finnish born ca 1889 (age 22). His father is Frans, and he is heading to Sault Ste Marie Michigan. He is alone. There is more on the image but it is difficult for me to read tonight as I have having problems with my eyes. has links to these records or just go directly to

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Caren, Robert is also found in Canadian Ships Passenger lists online. You can view the image at LAC for free since you have the exact date of arrival and ship name (as I gave you above). Filling in the Gaps will provide you with links as the LAC website links are very long

Just remember that the actual ships manifest is not identical to the Border Crossing record. The BC record has more information but the manifest does say that Robert is in the hospital. There may be more information to be found there
Heh.. thanks for this. I've had several find the info I needed. I just don't know about his wives. Um.. what's LAC?? I'd go to but Im not a member as I can't afford it.
Sorry - LAC is Library & Archives Canada.

So you go to Filling in the Gaps at and look for the link to the LAC ship arrivals for the year you want.

Using the info I found for you (ship name and date of arrival) you will be able to view the passenger list for free
Well I found him on the manifest. Thanks! I wonder why he was in the hospital??? Sea Sickness?



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