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 I am researching my grandmother's ancestry as I am trying to prove UK ancestry for myself for work purposes.  

My grandmother was Constance Mabel Mitchinson.  She was born in Wigton, Cumberland, UK in 1896.  
Following is some of the information I have been able to find on her family from the 1901 census:
Father: James Mitchinson, b 22 Oct 1851 Stanwix, d 8 June 1940 Canada 
Mother: Mary Rule, b 1859 Papcastle Bridekirk, d 23 Feb 1938 Canada
Constance Mabel Mitchinson:
Birthplace: Aspatria, Cumberland, Jan 19, 1896
Registration District: Wigton
Civil Parish: Aspatria And Brayton
County:  Wigton, Abbey Holme, Aspatria And Brayton, Cumberland
The family emigrated to Canada around 1915. I'm looking for advice on how to find shipping info.  Thanks.

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Also in 1911 the family is listed on the English census:


James - 56 2855 Domestic Gardener Tarraby, Carlisle, Cumberland

Wife Mary - 49 1862 Papcastle, Cockermouth, Cumbria -

Married 29 years. 10 Children born 9 living/1 deceased by 1911.


Children on census with them:

Constance daughter 15 1896 Aspatria, Carlisle, Cumberland

William son 13 1898 Aspatria, Carlisle, Cumberland

Henry son 11 1900 Aspatria, Carlisle, Cumberland

Living in Hindrigg, Aspatria, Carlisle.


This matches your 1901 and the ship info.


Aspatria Info -



Last thing....

There's a "Jas" Mitchinson listed on the following ship from Liverpool to Saint John NB.  Looks like your relative. List as age 59, Gardener.


Ship Name; Hesperian

Date: 26 March 1913

Liverpool to Halifax/St John, New Brunswick


He's one of many gardeners on the same page - not with wife or children.


Hope this all helps!





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