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I've been trying to find the "Missing Link"! I've got records going forward from Aldert Heymanse Roosa of the Netherlands up to Cornelius Roosa who moved to Schaghticoke NY around 1780. Then, I've got solid documenation going back to Philip B. Rose in Schaghticoke in 1830. It's the gap I'm trying to figure out. I am pretty confident about the connection with Cornelius because I did a DNA test. If anyone is looking at the same stuff I'd love to compare notes.

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Jim, my mother was a Rose and the 8th g-grandaughter of Aldert Heymanse Roosa of Hurley, Ulster, NY.  My line goes from Aldert to Arien (Ary) Heymanse Roosa (1645-1725), Evert Roosa (1679-1728), Arie Roosa (1703-1742), Petrus Roosa (1737-1796), Jonas Roosa (1768-1825) , Peter Rose (1806-1884, David D. Rose (1839-1902), Robert Bunker Rose (1861-1891).  These Roosas/Roses lived in Ulster, Dutchess, Schuyler, Tompkins, Steuben, and Chemung Counties.  I don't have a Cornelius in my tree, but I'm sure he was a brother or cousin to someone in my line.  If I can supply you with any info that will help, I'd be happy to do that. I'm very interested in your DNA results.  I've done MtDNA, but that line goes to Germany.  I have two male Rose cousins, but I've been unable to interest them in getting their DNA tested.  One question I have is there any evidence to support the speculation that the Roosas came earlier from Spain and are of Sephardic heritage.  I'm delighted to see your post and hope to make contact with you.  Carolyn Rust

Very interesting. I believe Philip B. was buried next to a Peter Rose. I haven't seen the stones to be sure but they are both listed in the same cemetery in Brunswick and those dates look pretty close.  I'm not sure how to send you the DNA results. I have it as a JPG file but don't feel comfortable uploading it here. Would you care to email me at my personal email address instead of using this forum? 




Hi Jim, sorry I've taken so long to get back to you, but I just have to figure out how this site works.  My Peter Rose is buried in Corning, Steuben, NY at Hope Cemetery.  My email address is

Dear Jim and Carolyn,

I'm your cousin, Don Rose.  I have the same problem as you, Jim.  I was pleased, after many years of research, to find my ROSE roots through DNA testing by Family Tree DNA.

I discovered that I am a descendant of Aeldert ROOSA who came from the Netherlands in the 17th Century & settled in Ulster County NY.  I have yet to find the connection to my earliest known researched ancestor, Mason ROSE. Mason was my gg grandfather.  He was born about 1830 in NY or OH.  He died at the end of the Civil War.  He had one son.

By 1853 Mason was in Allegan County, Michigan.  There he married Sibble Freeland (nee REED) in 1859.

The DNA results have my ROOSA line as follows:  with a few missing generations....
1.  Aeldert & Wyntje De Jongh Ulster Co, NY
2.  Arie     & Maria Everts Pel    Ulster Co
3.  Evert   & Tietje/Trintje Van Etten Ulster Co
4.  Arie     & Geestjen Pieterssen Ostrander Ulster Co, NY
5.  Johannes 1742 & Elizabeth Masten Ulster Co - may have gone to Greene Co, PA

     (Because of a genetic mutation in my line, the line could be traced forward to Johannes (1742).  He is the brother of Carolyn's Petrus/Peter ROSE.

6.  An unknown GGGG GF ROSE/ROOSA ( Could be Elisa/Elijah [1769] or Benjamin [1771], or an unknown son of Johannes & Elizabeth)

7. An unknown  GGG GF  ROSE (Could be Johannes 1792, Henry 1794, George 1797, Elisha 1795, William 1801, Uriah Hill 1804 or an unknown gs of Johannes).

8.  Mason Rose bn 1830 NY or OH
9.  Simon Mason "Sam" Rose bn 1862 Allegan Co, MI
10. Mason H. Rose bn 1887 MI
11. John Simon Rose bn 1916 MI
12. Donald Alan Rose bn 1947 CA (me)

Mason's military record has him born in Ohio.  The 1860 Allegan County, Michigan census record says his birth place is New York.

Jim, how did you find that Cornelius was in your line?

I, like you, am looking for a way to get through this brick wall.

I would be happy to share my Y-DNA information with both of you.  I can also give you the link for other ROOSA DNA results.  Are either of you members of the Rose Family Association?

Carolyn, I also have REED ancestors.

Don Rose

Hi Don,

Yes, it's the same family, but I'm sorry to say I can't help you with your brick wall.  Do you have a membership with  If not, I'd be happy to do some digging and see what I can find.  I will also check with another Rose cousin who grew up in Corning, NY where the Roosa/Rose family farms are still located. My email is  It's easier to communicate that way.  The Reed family is on my father's side, where as my mother was a Rose.  The Reeds are my brick wall.  The only two I know are Betsey Reed (1789) and her father, John (1730).  Be in touch, cousin.  

Thanks for replying Carolyn.

I have not been on Ancestry for a few years.  Thanks for the offer.

I will put my REED lineage on the REED site.  My earliest is Moses bn 1789 MA.  He is my brick wall.


Do you belong to the ROSE Family Association?

Do you have the Y- DNA Markers for your Petrus?

Was it Petrus who moved from Ulster County?  Did he go directly to Steuben County.

Do you know which generation changed the name from ROOSA to ROSE?

I'm in California.

Cousin Don


I do not belong to the Rose Family Assn., but I've visited that web site often.  There is also a Roosa family group that meets annually.  Don't belong to that one either as they seem to be east coast oriented and I live in Oregon.

I have no Y-DNA at all.  Only MtDNA which is not a Rose line.  I have two male Rose cousins, but I've not been able to talk them into doing their DNA.  

I have that Petrus (1737) stayed in Ulster County, and his son, Jonas (1768), moved to Tompkins Co, and died in  Catharine, Schuyler, NY.  Jonas' son, Peter (1806), my 3rd GG, moved to Steuben Co.

I have that Peter (1806) was the first in my branch to change from Roosa to Rose.



I spent a little time this morning on Ancestry trying to figure out your missing links and came up with this:

Johannes had 6 daughters and two sons.  The son who had sons is

Elisha (Elias) Roosa (b.30 Jul 1769 Shawangunk, Ulster, NY)  (d.1855, Licking Ohio) (m. Sarah Catherine Haines)

Elisha had 2 daughters and 3 sons of whom only Henry had sons:

Henry Rose (b.29 Apr 1794 Ulster,NY)  (d.1838 Guernsey, Ohio) (m. Susanna Culver)

John Elisha Rose (b. 8 Aug 1825 Guernsey Ohio)  (d. 29 Jul 1891 Summit Station, Licking, Ohio) 

                          (m. Elizabeth Headlee)   I can find no children listed to them.

When I search for Mason Rose I find your tree, but I don't see any census reports, etc., on him.  He was probably in the Civil War.  Have you checked those records?

Hope this helps put a crack in your brick wall.




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