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The Descendants of Daniel Root from Frederick Maryland

This picture is that of the first Daniel's grandson, Daniel 1803-1877. He married Mary Brengle who was the granddaughter of Major Peter Mantz, George Washington's Aide D'Camp.

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That is a great picture, I can see some resemblance in my father. I am a descendant. Where did you get the photo. Thanks for posting it.Jim Root
Hi Jim I am also a descendant. I actually received a digital copy of the picture from my second cousin twice removed. This Daniel was my grandmother's great great grandfather. I have a number of pictures of his only surviving daughter, Mary Louise Root Kreglo that I will be posting soon. I have some older ones of him as well that I need to finish uploading.

I also have additional information on that branch of the family if you are interested. Glad to have met you!
Hi Gail , Thanks for replying, sorry I have not replied sooner I have not been on here in a while. I don't know if you have been on this site but if not you may find it interesting.
I am always looking for more information so I appreciate this photo and any others you may have.
I am from Daniel & Mary,
John & Mary (Unstatt),
John Root & Nancy (Cox),
James E Root & Susan (Smith),
Thomas Jefferson Root and Mary (Tuttle)
George Washington Root &Mary (Bentley),
Archie Root & Alabama (Smith)
and my father James Root & Mary Ann (Hayward)
Thank you, Jim Root
Hi Jim. I haven't been out here either for quite a while. I haven't seen this site so I will definitely check it out. I do have other Root photos that I'll try and post out here during the next week or so. Thanks for the tip and I'll get those other pictures out.

Gail Winstanley
Hi Gail, Just thought I would check to see if you had a chance to post the other pictures. I am anxious to see what you have. Thanks, Jim Root





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