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Looking for Roots Magic TO GO advice. I currently have my photos and docuements on my desktop computer linked to Roots Magic. When I use Roots Magic TO GO, the links get broken. I am considering moving all data, files, docs, etc that are associated with RM to my flash drive and making the flash drive my primary file database. Does this sound reasonable? How are others using RM TO GO?

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So I didn't have to worry about broken links I moved all my multi-media files onto a portable external hard drive. I have it assigned letter "Z". That way when I move between my PC and my laptop I don't have to worry about my links breaking. I suppose the same concept would work if you are using a flash drive and RM To-Go. You just have to make sure that each computer you use is recognizing the flash drive as the same drive letter. You have to assign it that letter in each computer you use. My multi-media files are to large to store them on the flash drive. What every you do make sure you are backing up your flash drive. It's so easy to loose those things.
Thanks for the Reply Renee,

I had not thought about a portable hard drive. Consider this senario, if I have my flash drive and an opportuntity unexpectedly arises to visit a library or family history center or other family or friends computer, I can quickly plug in my flash drive and do some research. I can update my the file on my flash drive with data and copy photos to the flash drive. I could then come home and upload my newly aquired photos to the portable hard drive and backup my flashdrive. But I think I would need to re-establish the links to the photos now on the portable hard drive. (Still better than what I have now). I see how the portable solves losing your links between home and laptop computer ( I have both and a netbook too). However, I would not always have the portable drive with me. Does my senario sound plausable? I would still need to transfer photo files I found to the portable. I see the letter drive assignment problem, I had not considered that. I guess I need a flash drive with a portable drive memory Grin>>.
I have RM4 on my desktop PC. I use RM To Go when I am working on my laptop. But yes, the links show up as broken then. Which is frustrating. And I can't add media files when I am using TO GO on the laptop. I have worked around that by uploading any media files from my laptop to google docs. Then downloading them when I was at the desktop PC and adding them to RM4. I keep all of my photo files in a folder I named "RootsMagicPhotos".

I do wish RM4 could copy and embed the media files into the data and then into the backup.

Michael, the links are not broken, the photos, images, and files are just not copied to the flash drive. When you sync back to the desktop, the links to the phots, images and files will be restored because that is where the files are located.

If you copy the files over to a flash drive, you will have to keep copying any new files as you add them to the main program on the desktop. Between the facts entered, the corresponding fact notes, and sources, I have all the data from the source, except for the image of that source, or a photo of a particular person or place.

I use RM to Go as a temporary file setup to review and update textual data within the RM database while travelling, whether is is around the corner, or half-way around the globe. If I download any images or files, I save them to the flash drive and move them to a permanent place on my main computer after I return from my trip and sync the RM data back to the desktop computer.

Wow, it has been over a year since we had this discussion.   I recently discovered dropbox (  I am going to experiment with it as the primary file location for my files, docs and photos.  If I understand how it works, I should be able to pull up the photos, etc on Roots Magic To go when running on other computers.  If this works, I think it would be great solution.


Any thoughts or concerns about this?



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