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I have viewed the webinar and think I understand how RM2go works.  I have it installed. on a USB, and it does work.

I use it on a Sandisk 16gb cruzer.  That drive contained a U3 (operating system) and contained several application programs. I happened to erase those U3 system files,  In doing research, I found that Sandisk no longer supports U3.  That USB drive is also slow.

I am interested in taking with me to do genalogy work, beside RM2go, a word processor and spreadsheet program.

Has anyone else had experience with this?  I am looking for a faster USB drive, and probably 8gb in size.

I have found, which seems to offer a current application, similar to U3.  It seems to provide the protective "bubble" described in the RM2go webinar.  I am probably going to reformat my 16 gb Cruzer, and install on it 1) portableapps, then 2) open office portable, and then 3) RM2go.

I would be interested in learning if any on this forum have had some experience with these issues.

Thank you

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