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I started with just one, and the list kept on growing, here is my list of Mayflower Ancestors:

8 G Grandfathers: Edward Doty, Myles Standish
9 G Grandmother Remember (Allerton) Maverick
9 G Grandfatherrs: Peter Brown, Francis Eaton, George Soule
10 G Grandfathers: Isaac Allerton,
10 G Grandmother: Mary (Norris) Allerton
10 G Uncles: Bartholomew Allerton, Edward, Winslow, Gilber Winslow,
Edward Fuller, Samuel Fuller
10 G Aunt: Mary (Allerton) Cushman
Half 9 G Uncle: Samuel Eaton

and last but not least:

1C11R: Samuel Fuller

I also have 13 non-blood related people that came over on the Mayflower, too (Thanks to my list created in Reunion) But we won’t go there...

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Hello CeCe.
Well it looks like we have common ancestors...Who does your line go down with from here?
Would enjoy hearing back.
Molly Carson
I have two lines back to the Mayflower, Richard Warren and John Howland and the Tilley's. Both lines go through my grandma's grandpa who was a liar, so I will never be able to prove it. I can prove everybody but him as he changed his name. He was married in Ohio as David Henry Chaney to his first cousin, had 5 children with her and then just left her, it says on the 1880 census he is a loafer and had kidney problems, anyway, in 1881 or 1882 he left Ohio and at some point met up with my GG grandma, they had a child in Michigan and then they came to Indiana. He never married my GG grandma because he was still married to his first wife, he changed his name but not legally to John Henry Morris. He thought the law was after him for lack of support, all his children except the baby were put in the Clinton Co., Ohio infirmity, I think they were adopted out, but still kept in touch with their mother. Anway, John/David had 5 children with my GG grandma, one being my great grandma.Here is my John Howland line:
John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley
Hope Howland and John Chipman
John Chipman and Mary Skiff
Perez Chipman and Margaret Wheeler
Perez Chipman and Margaret Manlove
Hannah Chipman and William Horney
Daniel Horney and Margaret Calloway
Anna Horney and Iredell Chaney
David Henry Chaney {aka, John Henry Morris} and Elizabeth Kinnaman
Goldie Morris and Andrew Day
Mildred Day and Rutherford Davis
Ruford Davis and Glenda Long
Janeen Davis and Joe Proctor
My line to Richard Warren is already up there when you get to Mary Skiff and John Chipman, her parents were Stephen Skiff and Lydia Snow, Lydia's parents were Anothy Snow and Abigail Warren and her parents were Richard Warren and Elizabeth Walker.
I have not found any connections to the Mayflower in my husband's line.
My connection is with Francis Cooke.




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