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I would love to find more information on these families, especially records from England. My third great grandparents were Edward Brint (b. abt. 1806 in England) and Letitia Beacham (b. 5 Feb 1807 in Somerset, England). They attended St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church in Kenn, since all but one child was christened there. The oldest, Jane, was born 28 Nov 1832, christened 6 Jan 1833 in St. John's, immigrated with Beacham relatives (Wm Beacham, b. abt. 1805 Eng., later married to Maria Lloyd in PA; Sarah Beacham, b. abt. 1784 Eng., William's mother?; John Cameron Beacham, b. abt. 1821 Eng.; Sarah Jane Beacham late Bearstler, b. 27 Mar 1824 Somerset, Eng.) in 1839 on the ship Lucy Anne from Bristol to Philadelphia, PA. Jane Brint Kirkham died 27 Dec 1915 in Plattsmouth, Cass, Nebraska. Mary Ann (my 2nd great grandmother) was born 27 Feb 1835 and christened at St. John's 29 Mar 1835. In 1841 in Kenn, Edward (a blacksmith) and Letitia Beacham Brint are listed with their children along with a Richard Brint, b. abt. 1821. Mary Ann immigrated with parents and younger siblings in 1846 on the ship Cosmo from Bristol to New York. Mary Ann Brint Wood died 29 Dec 1897 in Evington, Campbell, VA. Mary Ann Brint married 31 Dec 1856 in Danville, Montour, PA, William Rosswell Wood, son of John L. Wood (b. 1 Apr 1808 Somerset, Eng; d. 14 Oct 1856 in Danville, Montour, PA) and Rosanna Russell? Mallison? ( b. 22 Apr 1807 in Eng; d. 1 Oct 1873 in Danville, Montour, PA) of Somerset, England. William was actually born 16 Feb 1835 in Pittsburg, Allegheny, PA but left for England since the only immigration I can find for the family was in 1839 from Cardiff, Wales to New York aboard the Henry Thompson. The ship's list states William was born in the US. On the list are also William's parents, and siblings Sarah, Betsey and John Wood - all born in England.

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I have a lot of information to post and send you; but it may take weeks to months as I am fairly busy right now. Please email me at to remind me.

Charles Beacham

I understand. Thank you!

finally managed to open my family tree maker. I have a Martha Beacham (my second great grand aunt) b 1792 in Kingston Seymour married in 1809 in Yatton to a David Brent.

I have lists of all the Beachams from around that period around Yatton & 35 neighboring parishes, but this would require my search function. I was using Copernic in Windows, but accidentally bought a new laptop using Ubuntu instead of Windows when my old computer failed, and Ubuntu does not have a similar search function. So I need to buy a new laptop with Windows, reconstitute it with all my files, and do a copernic search.  Another month or so... then I can research Letitia more.

Thank you very much!

I did find Letitia's family through baptismal records, however, I'm at another dead end with her father William. This is what I found:

Children of William and Sarah Beacham and Their Baptisms

Taken from Tickenham, Somerset, England Baptisms for St. Quiricus and St. Julietta Anglican Church


William Beauchamp - son of William and Sarah Beauchamp, baptized 15 Sep 1805 (married Maria Lloyd? and died in 1880 Danville, Montour, PA)


Latitia Beacham - daughter of William and Sarah Beacham, born 25 Feb 1808, baptized 8 May 1808 (my 3rd great grandmother)


Sophia Bennham - daughter of William and Sarah Bennham, born 19 Mar 1810, baptized 8 Apr 1810 (stayed in England and married John Edgar of Bath?)


Joseph Beacham - son of William and Sarah Beacham, baptized 24 Jan 1813 (married twice - 1st Harriet J. Phillips 2nd Eliza Maria Ball, died 23 Jul 1892 in Shenandoah, Schuylkill, PA, grandfather of Brig Gen Joseph William Beacham who was Eisenhour's college football coach)


James Beechey - son of William and Sarah Beechey, born 21 Sep 1815, baptized 18 Nov 1821 (married 1st Annie Jones 2nd Sarah Ruch Hogan, lived in Point and Danville, Northumberland, PA)


Henry Beechey - son of William and Sarah Beechey, born 16 Jul 1818, baptized 18 Nov 1821


John Beechey - son of William and Sarah Beechey, born 10 Oct 1821, baptized 18 Nov 1821 (married Elizabeth Russell Brown, came to the US with his mother in 1839 and lived in Schuylkill and Montour Counties, PA)


Sarah Johnson Beacham - daughter of William and Sarah Beacham, born 27 Mar 1824, baptized 30 Jan 1825 (married Simon L. Bearstler and died 25 March 1906 Pottsville, Schuylkill, PA)


Ann Beechin - daughter of William and Sarah Beechin, born 17 Mar 1827, baptized 13 Apr 1827 (she died at age five and was buried 9 Oct 1832 in the church cemetery in Tickenham)

Thank you Diane,
I'm familiar with most of the Beachams you've listed. I'm working this week, so give me a few days to respond. I have fairly complete lists of Beachams in Somerset and neighboring Bristol. The Weston Super Mare Family Historical Society parish registry transcripts are also very useful, and I have copies of all of those.

My email is chbeacham at aol dot com ( for a more direct line.

I do specifically know about your last paragraph. George Beacham b1811 in Yatton is my great-grandfather, married to Ann Alvis b1817 in Tickenham, married 27 Feb 1836 at St Thomas Church Bristol, with 12 children. I don't think they had a son George in Bristol in 1831, as Ann Alvis was baptised 20 Jan 1817, and George and Ann did not get married until 1836. I have my great-aunt Sarah as their first child, baptised 29 Jan 1837 in Tickenham, and Sarah married a Irish Catholic carpenter John Mahon on 31 May 1857 in St Joseph Catholic Chapel, Trenchard st Bristol. They had two children Sarah Ann Mahon b 1857, died age 2 in 1860, and Thomas Mahon, b 1858, died age 5 in 1863.Great-aunt Sarah herself died an untimely death from uterine sepsis, age 22, at the hospital at 5 Lower Maudlin St. Bristol, presumedly a complication of her second childbirth.
I have a lot of other details, and of course more on the other 11 children.

I'll check out the George b1831 that you mention, as well as the rest, and get back to you.

Chuck Beacham

Diane, It says you are in Atlanta Georgia. I visit Atlanta from Augusta 8 weeks a year to see my daughter in Marietta. We should meet. I'll be there next for 2 weeks in July.

I don't have an answer to the George Beacham baptised in 1831 at St. James church, Bristol, parents George and Ann. I don't think it is my great-grandparents, because Ann Alvis would have been just 14 at the time, and I find it highly unusual to have baseborn children with the mother much younger than 21 during that era.  Then you would have to say that my great-grandparents cooled it until they got married in 1836, then had a child every year for the next 5 or 6 years. I suppose it is possible. I do find that this George Beacham born 1831 died in Jan 1867 in Bristol. And since my great-grandparents were married in St. Thomas Bristol, would they have 5 years earlier baptised their baseborn child in another church, St. James? I suppose it is possible. And why wouldn't the 1831 baptism be listed as baseborn, since my grandparents did not marry until 1836? I was not able to immediately find George Beacham b1831 in the 1841, 1851, or 1861 census, which I should have been able to if he died in Bristol in Jan 1867. Finding George in these censuses might help. I'll keep looking when I have the time. I'll take a look at the other names you have mentioned as well.



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