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My Ancestor, Jacob Arney, purchased 200 acres of land, in Tryon County, North Carolina, in 1772.

I have attempted to transcribe what it says:

Surveyed For Jacob Arney Two Hundred Acres of Land in Tryon County on the South side of the South fork of the Catawba River Including His own improvement Beginning at a Maple on the Bank of South Fork Phiffers corner --- Running Thence with Said Line South 30 West 100 poles to a White thence North 50 West 100 poles to a Black Oak thence North 30 East 100 poles to a Stake over near Phiffers line thence with Said line to the Beginning 13th Day of July AD 1772

The document, attached, shows a crude drawing of the Survey, but is there a way to find out, the actual location of this Survey?  Is there a way to visually place it on a map?

Thank you, for your time, consideration, and cooperation, I truly appreciate it.

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