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My ancestor, Jacob Arney's original Will, resides at the NCSA, in Raleigh, NC

The ink in the upper 1/3 to 1/2 has faded over time.

I have requested and received a copy, from the NCSA, of his Will, but it's too difficult to make out the faded ink.

I would like to get a "best copy possible", so that perhaps someway I can try scanning it, etc. to see if I can bring out the faded ink, to see what it may be able to reveal about him.  He is my family, ARNEY, brick wall, and I need to see if I can glean any information, from his Will, please help.


Checking with North Carolina Groups, here in Genealogy Wise, was suggested to me:

"My suggestion is to see if you can find someone who lives out here that can go and make a transcription of the will for you.  Even if you request another copy, it may not be any better and a waste of money.  Check with the NC group on here."


I'm on genealogywise, too

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I forgot to upload a copy to the Top half of Jacob Arney's Will, so here it is.
Have you had any luck with this?  I'm not sure who told you about if you request another copy from the archives it may be no better and waste of money, but that sounds EXACTLY like what I would say.  I am the Genealogy Reference Librarian at the State Library of NC and unfortunately it creates a job conflict to help you with this.  The reason I agree with the person who told you that you might not be able to get a better copy is that Archive staff makes the copies.  Even if a patron goes to the Archives and requests a copy, they can't make it themselves.  It is possible for someone to take a camera in and take a picture, but the actual photocopy probably wouldn't be any better.  If you have not had any luck getting assistance, I suggest you look into hiring a professional researcher who can a. go and take a photo of the will and email it to you or b. make a transcription of what the will says.  The State Archives maintains a list of researchers for hire that I can send you from work.  If you would like a copy of the list, send an email to and ask for the list.

Actually, there is no transcription of this Will, that I have found, to date. 

It has been mentioned in a few books, but only that it notes his wife, Elizabeth, and children.

The NCSA (North Carolina State Archives, in Raleigh, NC) when you request a copy of a Will (even an original Will, as this one is), they simply make a copy of it, on a copying machine.  They do not concern themselves with quality and readability, only that you received a copy of the document.

I wish, they were advanced enough, to simply scan the actual document, and send a digital copy.  At least that way you could use software to hopefully improve the readability.  Currently, you receive a copying machine "copy" of the document, which you then scan yourself.  But manipulating a scan of a copy is much more difficult than manipulating a scan of the original document.

Thank you, for your time, consideration, and cooperation, I truly appreciate it.





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