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I am also enrolled in the Social Media course. Have just begun and am experimenting with trying out other sites that may help with my Germany research.  Looking forward to finding others doing the same type of research.

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Hi Shirley:

I have just finished this same course and have found it invaluable to my research and keeping everything organized as I go along.  It has so many tips, I know I will be referring to it time and time again.

I also have my maternal grandmother b 1861 in Havelburg, Prussia and am trying to find out more about her father and the rest of her family in Prussia.  I recently went to the Ontario Genealogical Society's Conference in Hamilton last month where I concentrated on as many of the German lectures that I could.  They have given me some insight into how I should be doing research (some through but I fear I'm going to have to engage someone in Germany to look at the records for me.

Good luck in your research!


I am finishing the Social Media Coure and have found it very helpful. I received my American Studies certificate in 2008. I am planning on taking some more German courses soon. I only need 2 to complete the Basic certificate.

I am just finishing the Social Media course and it has been very good.  Like most people I could get around on the internet, had used Google Docs, had vague ideas about podcasts, RSS, etc.  This course filled in some of the  blanks and pushed me further than I would have gone on my own.

Still  not sure  when I will have the time to listen to all those interesting podcasts I downloaded : - )

This is my first course with the Institute and I have really had a good time learning about the newer technology that can be used for genealogy.


I have been researching since the 1970s.  With a maiden name of Jones and 3 separate Smith lines (so far), I will be doing this as I am traveling through the Pearly Gates.

Hi Jerrie. I agree, I have Smith and Jones in my lines as well. I am taking the Social Networking course now and enjoying it. I am glad I went ahead and purchased Drew Smith's book "Social Networking for Genealogists" as I find myself referring back to it. Technology is going too fast for me. Hard to keep up. 


Tina Sansone

I, too, am enrolled in the Social Media course. I am surprised about this website. I sort of knew about it, the name at least, but I had no idea of the connection with the National Institute for Genealogical Studies. Makes me think "Where have I been?"

This was a great course. It made me look into websites that I would not have this one. Some of them I am not interested in. Others, I have found to be quite useful.

I look forward to using GenealogyWise on a regular basis.



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