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What class would you like to see added to the National Institute's growing course catalog?

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- Advance course in genealogy DNA.
- Early History of Settlement of North America. Many are unaware of the Dutch involvement of New York and surrounding area.
- One-Name-Study

YES!! an Advanced DNA course is needed!!

Forensic Genealogy!

I agree!

There is a non-credit course on Great lakes genealogy.  Since I have a lot of IL, IN, and OH ancestry, I would like to see this expanded into a credit course that I could take as an elective toward my PLCGS.


I would like to see a course in how to use the many archive sites that are available online today. I am close to finishing my PLCGS. I hope to graduate in June 2012. I am taking the courses at the Salt Lake Institute in how to use the archives because I think this is a weak spot for me. So many of the archives sites seem to be difficult to me to use.

Diane Barbour



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