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I have had so many issues trying to figure out my Morris line due to deaths and bad records!  But, if anyone has any input, please feel free!  The following is my line...

John M. Morris, b. ?, m. Mirandy Crafton ?, d. around 1886 in Butler Co., Missouri.  Mirandy died at some point before 1880 and John married Rutha Harmon, 9/26/1880.  I have documentation of the marriage to Rutha and that he and Rutha purchased land from Benjamin F. Cato.  After John died, Rutha married Ben Cato and then she later died.  Thomas Mathew Morris was left with Mr. Cato until he married.  I have a guardian bond for T.M. and his half sister, Malinda.

Thomas Mathew Morris, b. 10/6/1873 in Quilin, Butler Co., Missouri, d. 9/23/1970, m. Nancy Ann Hillis 12/24/1891.  They had 3 sons and a stillborn. He then married Bertha P. Brown and had 3 daughters.  He was a minister and began Morris chapel in McDougal, Clay Co., Arkansas.  That church is still there and still has a few remaining members.

Harry Morris, b. 4/22/1898, d. 9/27/1959, m. Flossie Idessa Sadler 1/28/1915.  They had 5 children.  

Olen Morris, b. 12/19/1922, d. 1/7/2003, m. Dorothy Luella Bergren 1/8/1947.  They had 4 children.  My mother was the oldest.

 I have had my uncle DNA tested for my Morris line through ancestry a couple of years ago and still have had very little luck.  I did recently transfer  the results over to Family Tree DNA and am hoping to get some matches there.  

Attached is a picture of Thomas Mathew Morris and a picture of Harry Morris.


Jami Harmon Nash

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So I looked up your ancesters on my account. I did not go up your tree too far, so you might already have what they have so far. But from the moment you sign up, they are searching for you. His ID L5X4-WXD; looks like that there are 2 generations of John's, Thomas Mathew and Martha A. Morris. They listed Mirandy as Amanda Crafton from Green, ARK. The account is free and it is linked up to all the big ones that charge you. From the moment you sign up they are looking for you. Worth a shot





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