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I'm trying to find information on the family of William Henry Morgan and his wife Leila from Georgia. They had four children who were split up and adopted.

Their daughter Winifred was adopted by a "Fuller Stead" family and lived in Atlanta in 1930.  She may have married a man named Rogers.  We haven't been able to find anything else about her.

Their son Henry Morgan married Sarah Bishop in 1942 and had at least one child.

Their son Marvin was born in 1913 or 1915, was adopted and had his name changed to Marvin Elza. He died in 1974 and is buried in the Andersonville National Cemetery.

Their son Jesse Willard Morgan was born in January 1918 in Americus, GA. He was adopted and his name was changed to Wilbert McArthur. In the mid-to-late 1930s he changed his name to Robert Dean. He was my grandfather. He died in 2000 in Fort Dodge, IA. 


Leila Morgan died in October 1918 and William gave up all four children.

That is all the info I have right now about that part of my family tree. If anyone can help me find more that would be great.

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