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I am researching Jeremiah and Mary L. Zornes Moore and their descendants. I would like to correspond with any other Moore researchers of this line.

I have found Jeremiah and 3 sons on some 1840's Tax lists for Carter County, Kentucky. They have also been reported to have lived in Greenup County. I am not sure if they moved or the county lines changed. They are found on: 1850 U.S. Federal Population Schedule - Iowa, Clayton County, Mendon Twp., 1854 Iowa State Census, Clayton County, Giard Twp., 1856 Iowa State Census, Madison County, Monroe Twp., 1860 U.S. Federal Population Schedule - Iowa, Madison County, Walnut Twp., 1870 U.S. Federal Population Schedule - Oregon, Clackamas County, Cascade Pct.

My main interest is information about their son Martin Moore who stayed in Iowa, he died between 1870 and early 1872. I would like to find his death date and place. The last Census I found him on was the 1870 U.S. Population Schedule - Iowa, Madison County, Scott Twp.

Martin was married first to a Rebecca, possible Sparks. I know he was married to a Rebecca, but not 100% sure it was Sparks (I have a marriage record from Clayton County, Iowa for a Martin Moore and Rebeca Sparks). He had two children with a Rebecaa, Lafayette and Jeremiah. He then married Emily Frances Hogg, in Madison County Iowa on 18 Feb 1858, they had John W., Jemima, Mary and George. Emily Frances married John Mills Hole on 22 Oct 1872, so I am assuming that Martin died before then.

Any comments or suggestions welcome.

Thank you,


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Hi Debra,
I also have been trying to find the "Moore" ancestry, but I'm getting no where. I know that my dad's dad was Matt Moore, and they were from Carter County, but can't find anything beyond my Grandpa. He was married to Winnie Moore, and I do have birth and death dates, but no marriage dates. I'm at a dead end. Hopefully you might know something?????

I do not have your Matt and Winnie Moore in my database. If you give me more information I will be happy to do some searches for you and see if I can help. Do you have a marriage place and date? What were some of their children's names. I need some kind of identifier for your Matt and Winnie in case there is more than one couple by that name.

I'm actually at work, I work nights, so tomorrow I will get back to you with the childrens names and all the dates. I appreciate you wanting to help. Thanks!!



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