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Nathaniel Merrill came to the Newbury, MA area sometime between 1638-1639 and was an early settler and resident of that area (his name appears on the Newbury Founders Monument). He was married to Susanna Wolterton and together they had:

1. Nathaniel Merrill
2. Deacon John Merrill
3. Abraham Merrill
4. Susanna Merrill
5. Daniel Merrill
6. Abel Merrill
7. Thomas Merrill (there seems to be some doubt over whether Thomas was a child of Nathaniel's or not)

If you are connected with these Merrill (many Americans are), post your line here as well as any information or queries you might have on the family. NOTE: This discussion is just for fun, I personally am not a Merrill researcher nor am I collecting information on Merrill branches unconnected to mine. I just think this might be a good way of getting the names we're researching out there.

My line goes:
1. Nathaniel Merrill and Susanna Wolterton
2. Daniel Merrill and Sarah Clough
3. Sarah Merrill and William Morse
4. Moses Morse and Sarah Chase
5. Martha Morse and Moses Jackman
6. Moses Jackman and Rhoda Collins
7. Alzina Jackman and Heman Doyle
8. Mariah Adelaide Doyle and John R. Shinn
9. Heman Doyle Shinn and Emma Sophia Tock
10 Elmer John Shinn and Gladys Viola Healey (my great-grandparents)

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I think we have several people in common. It starts with Nathaniel and Susanna above. I have as their children, Nathaniel Merrill, 1634-1683,John Merrill 1636-1712, Susanna Merrill 1640-1690 and Daniel Merrill 1642-1717. They are related to my grandmother's family the Baker's from Manchester, Ma. I was told they were pretty prominent in Manchester, MA. I have John Baker who was born Sept. 26, 1803 and married Nancy A. Merrill in Manchester on Jan. 1, 1857. I have as their children John Jr. 1858-1908 and Robert and Lucy who were twins, They were born in 1860 and she died Oct. 6, 1920 and he died Sept. 20, 1915. Then there were Eben and Clara who were also twins. They were born March 14, 1867. Clara died at birth and Eben died Sept. 13, 1904 (my g-grandfather). The last one was Lorenzo who was born Sept 20, 1868 and died March 17, 1950. I hope this helps
My maiden name is Merrill and if I did this right this is my line:

1. Nathaniel Merrill and Susannah Wolterton
2. Daniel Merrill and Sarah Clough
3. Moses Merrill and Mary Clough
4. Samuel Merrill and Anna Evans
5. Benjamin Merrill and Margaret Harris
6. Ezekiel Merrill and Susan Atkinson
7. Rufas Merrill and Abigail Jordon
8. Albert Gerrish Merrill and Sophronia Trufant
9. John Lincoln Merrill and Carrie Edna Thorne (my grandparents





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