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I am mainly interested in additions or corrections to the CHAWORTH family listed below. I just recently found some data that leads me to believe that the first three generation are not correct (the FRETEVALs, although I am descended from them also). Not all the sources are listed as some are in the notes section which include additional sources & where there are questions on parentage. I did not include them in this printout as already it is about 14 pages long.


If anyone wants a complete printout, please email me. Thanks for any input you may have. Also please be kind enough to indicate your sources.


NEW attachment on other message.


Thanks, Jim.

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Jim, can you post some of your data for us? I don't have anything that will read your .wps file. You don't have to list everyone and all their details; just the bare bones, so we know which generations you're talking about.

Meanwhile, I'm a Chaworth descendant, from Patrick Chaworth, b. abt 1052 at Chaworth, Nottinghamshire, England, m. to Maud de Hesdin. I have the line back to Emald de Chaworth (Chaources), b. abt 1000 in St. Symphoro, Lemans, Maine, France.
Oops, I left out Patrick's daughter, Sibyl de Chaworth, married abt 1132 to Walter "FitzEdward" de Salisbury, Sheriff of Wiltshire.
Attached is an rtf file, can you open this?

I think the Emald ancestry is correct, I ran across something about that yesterday & have yet to check it all out. I am also descended from the CHAWORTH-HESDIN connection. Thanks, Jim.
Thanks, Jim. Yes, I can open it, no problem.

Well, as I said, I descend from Emald's son Patrick and Patrick's daughter Sibyl. What's your line?

Gary, I am also descended from Sibyl (about 29 generations) attached is a lineage chart of 5 generations, hope you can read it, have highlighted my CHAWORTH descendants in red.

Thanks, Jim.
Hi, cousin. Thanks for the link. Looks like our lines diverge after Sibyl, Jim. I'm descended from her daughter Sibyl, who married John FitzGilbert, the Marshall of England. From there, my line descends thusly:

William Marshall, 4th Earl of Pembroke & Marshall of England
Eva Marshall, b. abt 1194
Maude de Broase, who married Roger de Mortimer
Isabel de Mortimer
Richard FitzAlan, 7th Earl of Arundel
Edmund FitzAlan, 8th Earl of Arundel
Richard FitzAlan, 9th Earl of Arundel, who married Eleanor de Lancaster Plantagenet
Richard FitzAlan, 10th Earl of Arundel & Surrey
Alice FitzAlan, Lady of Arundel, b. 1373, m. Henry de Beaufort, Bishop of Lincoln and son of John of Guant

Jane Beaufort, b. 1402, m. Sir Edward Stradling, Chamberlain of South Wales
Sir Henry Harry Stradling
Thomas Stradling
Jane Stradling
Elizabeth Griffith
Mary Phylips
James Bowen
Richard Bowen
Sarah Bowen, m. Robert Fuller. Both were on the Mayflower
Benjamin Fuller
Benjamin Fuller
Noah Fuller
Chloe Fuller
John Bates
Capt. Alanson Bates
John Bates
Allen Bates
Clara Isabel Bates, m. Orvin James Rea
Noel Bates Rea
Russell Allen Rea
What are your sources for the earliest generations. I have a few sources that give variations on the earliest generations (not the FRETEVAL line version) but don't have any real documentation. Thanks, Jim.
Like you, I don't have any documentation that far back, Jim. But, given that much of it comes from documented lines of historical persons, I think it's nevertheless valid. The details may vary some, but the gist of it is right, I believe.

Unfortunately, when I have two different versions for a lineage I want the right one, the "gist" is just not good enough.

The question still remains, what were your sources for what you do have?

Thanks, Jim.
Agreed, in that case.

My sources are varied, from LDS data to Rootsweb's family Trees to other people's online genealogies. But, as I was saying, the lines of the Plantagent monarchs are known, as are the lines of the Mayflower passengers, the Welsh Marcher Lords, etc. Wherever there is an intersection with a historical figure, there is usually some documented genealogical evidence to follow. But, as I also said, the details may vary, depending upon whose version of it you're looking at. There are always going to be spelling variations, date variations and variations in names and titles, but when you have a wholly different person in there, that's where there's a problem.

Meant to add my line comes down through a French-Canadian ancestor, Jim.
I am also descended from the PLANTAGENET line. See chart attached.



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