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Hi -  I am looking for help  I need to hire someone to do some looking up in census and city dircctories in  brockton Mass in the early 1900.  Anyone have any ideas.  Thanks  Wendy

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tell me what you are seeking. I think i can get access to directories, just not sure what years yet, I have to look. I can def help with census though. Just give me some details on what you need :)

Hi Allyssa;

Thank you for your offer of help.  I am new at genealogy but I love it.  My great grandfather Roger Kennedy died in Nov 6,190 at 78 years old.  In his obituary he is survived by daughters Mre R E tovy of Brockton and Mrs James Bonner of Brockton.

Now I found in Mass Marriages 1695-1910

James Bonnes married Anna Kenidy who's parents were Roger and Mary Kenidy of New Brunswick

I am assuming that this is probally Anna Kennedy

She and James were married June 1, 1878 in Middleborough Plymouth Mass

I'd like to know if they had children or anything about them


Roger was also survived by Mre  R E Tovy of Brockton.  In the United States Census 1900  I found Rebach E Toby who was born in New Brunswick and lives with the Bonnes.  She has one son Franlin Toby


I'd appreciate any help you could give me.  I am facinated by genealogy but a green novice



Thank you


Wendy Sully


In 1880 James and Annie lived in Middleborough. No children yet. She born St John (New Brunswick), both parents NB as well. James born in Mass, parents in Scotland.


in 1900 there were in Precinct A of Brockton. Living with them is Rebach E Tovy, sister in law (so maiden name should be Kennedy), birth listed as Sept 1865 (these arent always accurate), born in NB. listed as married. wed at age 16.

also list is Rebech's son Franklin Tovy, born mar 1886 in massachusetts. father was born in mass as well. 

Annie's middle initial was F and both she and Rebach came to us in 1873.


in 1910 they were in Brockton. no children born to Annie. has Rebach living with them, shes listed as Widow Rebecca Tobey. with son Frank. 


in 1920 in Brockton. with Rebecca E Tobey. her and Annie say mother was born in Ireland. 


i didnt see 1930 right away, so they may be deceased. but i have to run to lunch with a friend. i will look again when i get back, as well as in the directories. it does look like they never had any children though.

Great  can we find out anything on Rebach's husband or when any of them died.  And our Anneis Anne francis  so we are in the right tree.  Thanks

i'm gonna work on more. i'm still out with my friend, but i can tell you that i havent spotted them for 1930 still. but in 1890 they lived at 310 centre in Brockton. I still have to check the rest of the directories. will check for any avail after 1920 especially. and i will try to find more on Rebecca and Franklin as well. 


in 1920-1922 James and Annie lived at 154 N Main in Brockton.

1926 directory has a James B Bonner (no wife listed) as a janitor living at 73 commercial street

James B Bonner died apr 8 1928


When i got back to the library i will look to see if they have the years in between.

some more info. 


Franklin Tobey was born in Middleborough 10 mar 1886. parents John L Tobey (born New Bedford) and Rebecca E Kennedy (born St John NB).


John L Tobey and Rebecca married 16 feb 1884 in Middleboro. John was 34, son of Franklin and Rebecca. Rebecca was 20, dau of Roger and Mary. first marriage for both.


John Lewis Tobey died 4 sep 1895 in middleboro. age 43y 4 months 23days, married, born new bedford. father franklin tobey, born New Bedford, mother Rebecca Wood, born Achusnet. cause of death Locomotor Ataxia. buried New Bedford.


Franklin appears to be the only child they had. 


now back to directories.


in 1918, James and Annie were at 154 North Main, no Rebecca listed.


other Bonners in Brockton were Florence C, Peter D and wife Eva E, and Robert. not sure if any of those are relations.


1921 directory, Tobey, Rebecca E, shoewkr boards 154 North Main. 1922 no listing.

1924/25 directory: Bonner James B, janiitor, r 78 Coml (commercial)

Annie F died 1 July 1923

no rebecca listed.


1926 directory: Bonner, James B (same as previous)

no Rebecca listed.


I believe I found Franklin J Tobey in Newark, NJ in 1930. age 43 married at 26. b Mass, father born Mass, mother Canada.  He's married to what looks like an Annie H, born Delaware, parents canada, age 39, married 23. children: John R, age 15, born New Jersey. Franklin Jr, age 11, born New Jersey. Franklin was a doctor that owned his own office.


now that i found that, i looked back farther and found some more on him. i found his registration card. this is most def the right Franklin. Franklin Joseph Tobey, lived at 11 hazelwood ave in newark. wife was Anne Helen Tobey. he was approx 5' 9 1/2",brown hair, abt 193lbs.brown eyes, light brown complexion, no identifying marks. this was his wwII registration card.


he seems to have died in Feb 1976 accord to the SSDI.






Thank you so much  I really appreciate all your help  I can't wait to sort out your information


Once I get this sorted can I get you to check a little more for me. 




i tried looking for obits for the Bonners. nothing on him, though a lil bit on her. i took a pic of it and will get it to you in next day or so. if anything else you need, let me know. :)
Hi Allyssa  Did you find out anything on the Obit for Ann Bonner?  Thanks  Wendy

Hi  I have found some more realitives who are from Mass.  Can you look up some information for me please.  Anxiously awaiting to hear from you





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