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I have found ancestors galore in Spesutia Hundred, mostly from tax lists.   I would love to connect with anyone researching this time and place, especially if they have an interest in any of the following, with all their various spellings or interpretations of handwriting:
Thomas Gilbert (Gilbart, Gilburt, Gillbord, Gifford, Gilbord)
Richard Simpson (Symson, Simson)
Thomas Prebble (Pribble, Prebell, Sprible, Prebbie)
Richard Perkins
Thomas Bucknall (Bucknell, Bushnell)

All these were my ancestors. Their brothers-in-law show up, too. After we discuss Spesutia Hundred, we can move onto the neighboring areas!

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I am running Henry WRIGHT (1657-1741) and find the name PERKINS in the following:

from "Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759" by Robert W. Barnes, page 500;

Perkins, Richard was in Balto. Co. by 1683 when he surv. 100 a. Parkinton at the head of Musketo Creek in Spesutia Hundred ... Perkins d. by 16 April 1706 when admin. bond was posted by wid. Mary Perkins with William Perkins and John Mills; his est. was inv. on 28 May 1706 by Thomas Brown and Henry Wright, and val. at £67.14.6 plus 5128 lbs. tobacco; est. was admin. by Mary W. of John Belcher on 1 July 1708



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