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Have an ancestor from Maine you're finding hard to find? Post the details here and maybe you'll get some help. Feel free also to post your problem as a new discussion topic.

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My brick wall involves my great-great-great-great grandparents. Their daughter Mary Elizabeth BARNEY was born in Lubec, Maine on 24 Feb 1839. From what I understand their names were Charles BARNEY and Deborah. I've found a couple in the census with the names Charles BARNEY and Barbara that could possibly be the parents, but nothing that says it's true. At least no connections with Mary Elizabeth. I've tried contacting the Washington County library and they suggested it was the Charles and Barbara in the census, but still unsure. Haven't been able to get back much farther than that because of it. I'm not very experienced in researching Maine and I live too far away to plan a small visit anytime soon!
The IGI has a marriage record for Charles Barney and Deborah Johnson, 23 Apr. 1836 in Lubec. This was a user-submitted record, so I wouldn't take it as definitive proof of the marriage. The 1840 census has Charles Barney, aged 20-30 years, living in Machias with (evidently) a wife aged 20-30 and a daughter aged under 5 years. Machias is about 30 miles down the coast from Lubec, so you may want to contact the town clerks of both towns to ask if the marriage and/or Mary's birth were recorded there.
Thank you for this! I wanted to let you know that I was able to confirm it with a woman who had access to Maine genealogical records for the Lubec area. I also was able to get a birth record, but it only states that she was born to E. and S. :O There was a few Johnson's in the area, in particular an Ebenezer Johnson, who was enumerated in Lubec, but I'll need to look that up. Unfortunately there isn't any mention of the Barneys in the early records, but a family member told me she had this idea that they came down from Canada... Wish I could find more proof of this or connect Charles Barney to other Barneys in the area in case there was a connection that might lead me somewhere.
There were..... I wish they had edit buttons! :)
Hi, I have traced my daughter in law's ancestors to Portland, Maine, but no one in her family has a clue as to where they arrived from. There are some indications they may have arrived through Canada but I haven't found anything as yet. I'm assuming they are Irish because of the surnames.
Joseph Gregory Maloney b. 1860 married Margaret Ann Fitzpatrick b.1864. They had nine children, so I am sure most were born in Maine. My question is: Are there any sources in Maine records which might reveal, where in Ireland, they came from?
Judging from the census data (assuming that I have found the right family), they do appear to have originated in Atlantic Canada, probably Newfoundland, and it seems likely that they were children of Irish immigrants. I notice that the couple disappeared between the 1910 and 1920 censuses, though their children remained in Portland. Assuming that they died in this period, their death records could include their exact places of birth and/or parents' names and places of birth. You can request non-certified copies of these records from the Maine State Archives for $7 each, certified copies for $15 each.

I notice also that Joseph was naturalized before 1900. His naturalization record might shed clues on his origins, and the circumstances of his family's immigration. I'm sure I've seen at the Maine State Archives an indexed collection of naturalizations recorded in Maine courts on microfilm. I believe it would cost you $10-20 to have them search the collection and, if they find anything, mail you a copy.

The birth and marriage records of the children, if they occurred in 1892 or later, might also include information on the parents' places of birth. This might not tell you where in Ireland the parents' families came from, but it might point you in the right direction.
Hi Chris,
Much thanks for this information and direction. I will definitely be following up at the sources you have mentioned. Sorry I haven't replied sooner, as we have been away.
Best regards,
I am just getting started with my French Canadian roots. Veilleux family in St. Francois, Beauce, Quebec, Canada.

My branch moved to Bangor, Penobscot, Maine, USA before 1865. GG-Grandfather Joseph Veilleux (1865-1941) was born 28 July 1865 in Bangor, Maine. He married Josephine Marie Tiebault (Thebeau) in 1889 in Bangor, Maine. My Great-Grandmother, Marie Emily Veilleux Hermanson (1890-1988) was born in Bangor as well. The family is in Minneapolis, Minnesota by 1900.

Would like to find birth certificate for Marie and marriage license for Joseph and Josephine Marie (Mary).
YOUNG, WRIGHT etc in Maine. Wright from Mass but Maine was created from MASS. :>)
I've run into a few brick walls so far.. but I'll start with just one. My great-great-great grandfather was James Herrin. I believe he was born in Skowhegan, Maine, and married Nellie Buzzell, but I cannot find any more information on him. He had a son, Forrest Herrin, born 14 Sep 1863 in Skowhegan and died on 23 Apr 1931 in Cornville.
Edward Stanley born 1791 - married Roxanna Spurr - had daughter Mary Frances and sons Samuel Spurr Stanley and Edward P. Stanley.

The Spurr family was from Otisfield and the history of Otisfield is where I found what information I have.
This Wight genealogy says that Edward was from Sanford, and had a brother named Benjamin. The history of Harrison says that he was born in Limington, and gives him brothers Benjamin and John. The 1860 census gives Edward, Benjamin and John's place of birth as Sanford.

There were a couple of men named "Standley" in Sanford in 1790—John and Edward. A John Stanley was married in Sanford 20 Nov. 1788 to "Jerutia" Horn.





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