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I see that several others have joined this group. How are you related, what are your research interests, and what are your brick walls?

I research my Looney husband's line, which is Adam 2, son of Robert 1 from (probably) the Isle of Man (b. c 1692-1770 VA). I have a tree on Ancestry where I am working on Adam's line. If anyone is interested, I will send you an "invitation" if you are not an Ancestry member. Adam was b. c. 1725 and d. c 1770 in NC. His son Robert is my husband's line and I have been working recently on tracing all his children.


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My husband if from the Benjamin Franklin (3) 1823-1895 line of the Looneys. There are a lot of Benjamin Franklins. The parents of Benjamin (3) were Benjamin (2) and Catherine Clingingsmith Looney. The paretns of Benjamin (2) were Arthur Galbraith Looney and Mary Morgan. Arthur's father was also a Benjamin (1) 1774-1818 and Arthur's mother was Mary Galbraith.

His Looneys have been traced to Robert and Elizabeth. My brick wall right now is not the Looneys, it is the wives of the Looneys.My husband's grandmother was a Cole, and I am sure her family dates back to the frontier days, but I have not been able to connect her line to the frontier Coles. My husband's family lived in Bollinger County MO and seems to be a missing branch on many Looney trees

I am on ancestery and would love to see your tree. My email is
Sandra F
Hi Sandra,

My tree concentrates on the Adam 2 Looney branch (son of Robert 1, the emigrant). I'm afraid I do not have any information for you. I just have basic info on a few in your lines in my database but not on my Ancestry Tree. You lines are from a different son, Robert 2. But the people on the Looney List on Rootsweb might can help you. There are researchers there from all lines and some have been at it much longer than me (since 1981). Go to and look for the Surname Mailing Lists. You have to join the Looney List, they will probably send you an outomated message to confirm, then you are on the list and can send our a Query about your Cole. Give the her dates, husban'd dates, where they lived and children's names. You might also try joining a Cole List (there is probably one of those also). Any message to the list goes out to all members.

Another thing I would suggest is the GENWEB site for the counties where they lived; some are excellent. You might get lucky. The historical societies and genealogy societies there might also be able to help.

I'll be glad to correspond with you if you still want to. If you are on Ancestry you do not need an invitation to my tree. The name is Adam Looney Family and you can just search for Adam (1725-c 1770) to bring it up.

My family is also from Bolenger Co Mo. My greatgrandfather was John Henry Looney ( 1865 - 1934) Married to Nancy Jones. My greatgreatgrandfather was Benjamin (Ben) Fraklin Looney from Kentucky who was married to Arline (Chipsmith?) and was possibly married twice though I do not know that persons name. I also do not know his date of birth or date of death. My roadblock has always been with Ben Looney. Sence our families are from the same neck of the woods, so to speak, I was wondering if you had enough information that could shed some light on Ben Looney. As you said previously, there have been alot of Benjamin Franklin Looneys.

Thank you in advance
Dave Looney
Hi Dave,

I will be glad to send you an "invitation" to my Ancestry tree, but I don't think it will help you, since it is mostly devoted to the Adam Looney line, son of Robert and Elizabeth Looney from the Isle of Man. Yours is probably from another line, although not certainly. Did you see the message from Sandra F? She seems to be in your line and says she knows Ben's parents' names. My e-mail address is I have other info on my computer that is not on the tree.

Hi - I am from P. David Looney, married to Isabella Lawhon. David was through Robert, Adam, Robert (and I need to look back at my info - it has been a while. I have a wonderful lineage chart done by Mary Looney. I would love to be invited to see your tree = will be glad to share what info I have. A cousin, Norman Looney of Abernathy, Texas has done extensive work on researching the Looney's and has even written a book. To the best of my knowledge, it has not yet been put into print. Norman even went to the Isle of Mann and to Looney's Bend where Robert had the first ferry to cross the James River, to help settlers cross the river to the west.

I descend from David and Isabella's daughter, Mary who married John W. Askew. David came to Texas in 1838, during the Republic. He helped to settle Texas.
Hi Suzanne,

My tree on Ancestry concentrates on the Adam 2 Looney line (son of Robert 1, the emigrant). I'll be glad to invite you to my tree if you like, but I need your e-mail address. If you are on Ancestry, you do not need an invitation. The tree is named Adam Looney Family. Pleasant David is on there and I'd love to know more about your lines. My e-mail address is I had started working on tracing all of Robert 3 (Adam 2)'s children. Not done yet.

I would love to know how to get in tough with Norman Looney. I have been told his name before but no one seems to know how to contact him. I'd love to buy his book and/or compare notes. I have also been to Man (twice) and to the James River.

Mary Looney's chart sounds interesting as well. I'm not sure I have seen it.

I will be glad to share whatever I have, which is considerable--I've been researching these lines since 1981.

I think this is my lineage:
Robert (b. 1721) (m. Margaret Rhea)
Benjamin (b. 1748) (m. Mary Johnson)
Isam (b. Oct. 25, 1775) (m. Annie b. 1780)*
Benjamin (b. 1804) (m Samantha Holder)
William (Long Bill) January (b. circa 1837) (m. 1855) Melissa Strong*
Truman (b. July 9, 1866) (m.1885) Joanna Trantham
Alma (b. July 23, 1894) (m.1908) Noel Blakemore
Clark (b. 1914) (m.1933) Marjorie Tandy (b. 1911)
Anna (b. 1935) (m.1954) Gordon Baca (b. 1930)
*(There seems to be another son of Isam and Annie named William January, born 1800)
(Whew! Anna Baca)

I am from the exact line as well as the Askew/Mary line.  Still reside in Texas.  Britton Gatewood, son of John Washington was my line.  Recently uncovered a lot of documents at the General land office on approximate times and Business in Texas.  Appears John Washington Askew came to Texas very early - 1818 by his own oath.

I joined the Sons of The Republic of Texas about a decade ago under David Looney.  Love my Texas history.

Would LOVE to get a copy of that book you mention.from Norman.

I have just found this "Looney" discussion and would like to add my "Looney". I have a Jenefer Looney ma. a William Wills 1780 in St Michael Caerhays, Cornwall, England. I do not have her parents.

Don Wills
My family line is Robert Looney from the Isle of Mann, Dr (or Sgt) Peter Looney, Peter Looney (Captain?), James Luna, John Smith Looney.  Anyone have that same line?





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