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I am from the Robert and Llewellyn Looney clan, Absalom Looney Huntsville, Al., John Warren Looney, Tuberville Looney, James Bailey Looney, Kyle Leslie Looney, Lewell Leslie Looney and me, William Kyle (Bill) Looney. John Warren Looney headed for Goliad, Tx. in the 1820's and died of dysentery in Nacadoches, Tx and begged his wife Nancy and kids to to go on to Goliad, he had been going there for years buying land for pennies on the dollar, finally they spotted an old adobe hut, Nancy inquired, "How far is it to Goliad," and the old man told her she was slap dab in the middle of it! lol They say she cried for three days and nights because she thought it was unfit to grow peanuts. She did well it seems, she died in 1860 with $30, 000 cash and $30,000 in real estate. Can anyone tell me more?

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Bill - have you read the book, "Oh Strange New World" by Ida Campbell?   This is probably the best overall source of information on this Looney

 family line.


Anthony Looney

Yes, I have read that and that's where it dead ends.







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