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Our colonial-era Long Island ancestors

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Comment by Joan Foster on February 16, 2010 at 12:41pm
Hi Carol,
Your William Underhill was son of Samuel & Elizabeth Baker; Samuel was son of Daniel & Deborah Burr; Daniel was son of Daniel & Sarah Townsend; Daniel was son of Peter & Penelope Alling; Peter was son of David & unknown 1st wife; David was son of the (in)famous Capt. John & Elizabeth Feake (probably the youngest child (his 9th, her 5th) b. 1672. This is according to v. V of The Underhill Genealogy. So yes, you are also involved in this entangled, mostly Quaker group. I am descendant of Capt. John & Elizabeth Feake's first son (his 5th child, her 2nd), Nathaniel, so we are (distantly) related, and probably in other ways than this Underhill line.
Comment by Carol Peckham Poulos on February 16, 2010 at 9:47am
This is the same area that my ancestors were from. My gggrandmother's sister, Mary MANN, married William UNDERHILL in Oyster Bay on Oct 31, 1845. My direct ancestors were John MANN and his wife Jane JONES, John DAVIS and his wife Freelove DILLINGHAM (Lattingtown) and Alexander FLEMING and his wife Hannah BARD (Lattingtown) and on the other side of the family, I have Henry LATTIN (originally LATTING). Does anyone else connect to these ? Our ancestors were probably neighbors !
Comment by Joan Foster on February 15, 2010 at 2:14pm
Thanks so much. I admit I haven't worked with this material for some years now. I am familiar with Mary Powell Bunker's book; I used it a lot for my multiple Seamans, Tituses, Merritts, Willises & Willets back then, but apparently didn't run across this Strickland material and some of the other of minor names (at least I didn't make note of them). I'll revisit it. It is interesting that on p. 291, MPB says Elisabeth was dau of Samuel Strickland and thus grand dau of John. I took my information from MPB's p. 134, which says Elisabeth was dau of John Strickland. Requires further study. These folk are all tangled indeed, but I love them.
I looked briefly in my Underhill books as I am entangled with them as well. I could find 1. Townsend Fleet Bailey (m Carrie Youngs); 2. Townsend Bailey, son of Samuel & Elizabeth [Finch] Bailey, who m. Mary (dau of Andries Seaman & Sarah Underhill; 3. Townsend Weeks who m. Theodosia Underhill; 4. Some Wanzer-Wansors (Anna C., Charity, Daniel, Julia, Moses, Sarah (m James Burr (son of Daniel Burr & Sarah Underhill), & William. (This source indicates that Sarah Wansor could be interpreted as Sarah Warren as well.) if any of this helps, I could do further lookups, but need your dates to see if any of it fits. Your guess of your being entangled with these Underhills etc. sounds good, but I couldn't directly and quickly confirm it. I also have Merritt in my line, but Jobe doesn't ring a bell. Do you know anything more about him? I have some questions about early Merritts as well (MPB above doesn't help my particular query about them, though it has lots of good stuff about my line.)
Comment by Janice Bernath on February 14, 2010 at 9:43pm
My 3x GGF was John Hickman Wansor and for years we've wondered if that middle name was a corruption of Hegeman - still don't know, and can't find his parents. He was married to Catherine Baker; they lived in Lattingtown, married in the early 1800s. Looking for the Bakers, too, since we've never been able to find her parents; at the time of her marriage she was living with the family of Jobe Merritt of Peacocks Point (Glen Cove), and lived about a mile away from there after her marriage. Also looking for the Baileys - My GGGrandmother was Jeannette (Janette, Genet) Bayles/Bailey, married to Samuel Coles/Cocks Weeks. Samuel born abt. 1796, Janette b. abt. 1819/1820 in Cedar Swamp (her dates from a census sometime after 1850); my aunt tells me her family owned a farm called 'Bailiwick' - not sure of the spelling. That would be along where 107 is now, just past Glen Cove I think, in Brookville. My ancestors really were in the witness protection program! Looking for a little direction on the Baileys, if anyone has a clue, and on the Wansors, thought to be descended from Anthony son of Jan Wanshaer, the original immigrant to New Netherlands c. 1642. Unfortunately, I was never able to find anything useful on my families from Mary Powell Bunker's book. Also, my cousin and I both think a link to the Townsends and Underhills came through Janette Bailey's family, since our GGrandfather (son of Janette and Samuel) was named Townsend Bailey Weeks; he married Sarah Jane Wansor of Bayville (Arlington Rd.), daughter of John Wansor and Esther Germaine. Thanks for any clues; seems the genforum messsage boards pretty much dried up in recent years. I know there have to be other relatives out there somewhere! Thanks!
Comment by Frances Hagaman Vannest Powell on February 14, 2010 at 6:48pm
Yes, Abigail Woods was daughter of Jonas Halifax Woods and Joanna Strickland. John Strickland was Joanna's grandfather. Her father was Samuel Strickland. From Mary Powell Bunker's book Long Island Genealogies: Families of Albertson, Andrews, Bedell, Birdsall, etc. etc. The Powell family takes up most of the book, but the Willits, Willis's, Seaman's and other families are all also included. The Strickland's are on page 291 under the Searing family, for some reason. It's hard to separate the families because they all intermarried for centuries. You can access the complete book free on the web. Try under and do a book search. I would give you a link, but the links seem to disappear in these messages when I try them.
You should find a gold mine in this book.
Comment by Joan Foster on February 14, 2010 at 12:32pm
Frances, Thanks so much for this great stuff, and for the resource about the Vedder Lib. cards. I live in Oregon, and my long-distance traveling days are pretty much over so I have to go online for this material. I just have minimal Powell material from some old family documents and my much-thumbed copy of Hinshaw. My interest is in Richard & Abigail's daughter Mary Willets, who m. Thomas Williams. I 'm really grateful for all your effort.
2 queries if you know: In your notes (letter from Hazel Shaw 1971), Thomas's wife Abigail Woods was daughter of Jonas Halifax Woods and Joanna Strickland. 1. Are you pretty convinced that Jonas was Abigail's father? 2. Might Joanna Strickland be a daughter of (or related to) John Strickland? I have an unknown-first-name Strickland (presumed daughter of John. This Strickland daughter m. Capt. John Seaman. I am descended from two children of theirs, Elisabeth (who m. John Jackson) and Jonathan who m. unknown and had son John Seaman (husband of Hannah Williams).
I'm off to vedder lib (online) tomorrow.
Thanks again, Joan
Comment by Frances Hagaman Vannest Powell on February 13, 2010 at 6:19pm
Joan, I didn't copy the information from the back of the Peter;s research cards on Abigail Powell Willets other than the dates for her birth, death and marriage. However, if you go to the Vedder library on the web at "" and email them, they'll have a volunteer copy the fronts and backs of all the 3x5 cards for Abigail and her husband, as well as their children, for a small cost for the copying, and mail them to you. They'll do that for all the relations, too, but you have to give them the names, they won't just do it for "all descendants of" a couple.
Comment by Frances Hagaman Vannest Powell on February 13, 2010 at 6:05pm
Joan, Here's what I have on Thomas and Abigail Wood themselves:

Sources listed below were compiled by George and Alice Peters "Powells of the Hudson Valley".

Records Harol and Smith p. 202
Charles Powell Book
Powell Family by Mary Powell Bunker

Marriage to Abigail Wood in "Encyclopedia American Quaker Genealogy"

Record of Pewter Dish supposedly handed down from Thomas Powell 1 through 10 generations and beyond Frank Omar Powell 10. Inscribed with each genertion owner.

In letter from Hazel E. Shaw, Feb 8, 1971 (Thomas Powell married 1st Abigail Woods, daughter of Jonas Halifax Woods and Joanna Strickland.)

In letter from Norman Powell, Springfield, Mass., March 10, 1971, gives information from Marge Kleinkauf (Abigail Wood married Thomas Powell 1664. She was born 3-22-1646.) from "Wood Genealogy."

In NY Genealogy and Biography Record, Vol. 6 p. 98 in NY State Library, Albany, NY, Quaker marriages in Vic. of NY (2nd day of 9th mo. called Nov. 1690 at Westbury, Thomas Powell, late of Huntington on LI married Eliz. Phillips of Jericho on the same island.

"Book" town of Huntington LI, NY, Records 1653-1688 by Ch. R. Street, Vol. 1, 1887, page 56, footnote." In NY State Library, Albany - Discusses life in Huntington of Thomas Powell. Believes he is son of Thomas Powell who went to Barbados in 1635 on warrant of Earl of Carlisle. Thos.1 probably came to Long Island with Jonas Wood of Halifax with whom he lived 9 years.)

Telephone call from Annabelle Powell (Cormier) discussed Ancestry of Thomas Powell 1, believes he came to Long Island from Barbados; she discounts all other theories.

Info. from J. Hollyer, Canada, about C. Berkley Powell who is supposed to have papers claiming that Thomas Powell came from Nanteos, Aberystwyth, Wales.

Excerpt from "Guide to Huntington" by Hist. Soc. 1948 states house at 434 Park Ave. is oldest house in town, part built before 1663 when John Westcott sold it to Thomas Powell, the Quaker. House was 1 1/2 stories raised to two full stories.

In Booklet "Guide to Huntington, Long Island" published by the Huntington Historical Society 1948 - (No. 434 Park Ave. is the oldest house in Huntington, part may have been built before 1663 when John Westcott sold it to the Quaker, Thomas Powell. In 1695 Thomas Powell sold it to Joseph Wood, the weaver.")

In Booklet "Our Town Huntington, 1953 publ. by Huntington Tercentenary Inc., p. 35, is a picture of a house captioned "Thomas Powell, the Quaker lived in this house" etc., with data of previous reference.

In letter January 18, 1977 from Marjorie Kleinkauf (Powell 9) of Middletown, R.I., she writes "I have book by Audrey Sidebottom of Wales, says she believes Thomas Powell came from the Powells at Holt but there was a connection to the Powells at Nantos, Aberystwyth, etc., etc."

Mentioned in news clipping from the "Long Islander" of Huntington LI, NY, May 18, 1935 (Thomas Powell was a Quaker, sold home in Huntington in 1689 and went to Bethpage, which he purchased in 1695. This Powell house was the birthplace of John B. Jarvis, engineer. Port Jervis is named after him. Thomas probably came from Bermuda with Jonas Wood, Thomas Mathews and others.)

In letter October 11, 1980, from Marjorie Kleinkauf (Powell 9) discusses Ancestry of Thomas Powell 1. Mentions Powell chart received from Audrey Sidebotham, England. Believes Thomas 1 was son of Capt. Thomas Powell, son of John Powell of Holt, Wales. Capt. Thomas had brothers Joseph, Alexander, sister Dorcas. Capt. Thomas was born in Holt, went to England, then Barbadoes. Thomas 1 may have been born at sea, was left by Capt. Thomas at Huntington in 1653.

Excerpts from letters of M. Kleinkauf 9 and Ella F. Frey dealing with ancestry of Thomas 1, but with many errors and extraneous information so no conclusions can be accepted.

Records of the town of Huntington, LI, NY, dealing with activities of Thomas Powell, shown pamphlet "History of Thomas Powell" by John Kingsley Powell, in Bronck House Library. Thomas Powell was recorder, constable, overseer, commissioner, special represetative of the town, assessor, trustee, bought land at Bethpage. (Update by L. McCulloch.)

From the Davol-Willits Genealogy: "Thomas Powell, born 8th month, 1641, testified in Huntington, LI in 1662, that he had lived with Thomas Mathews for nine years and 'never knew my master's books to be questioned.' Capt. Thomas Mathews was a sea captain and was delivering goods along the shores of Long Island as early as 1649. In 1663, Thomas Powell purchased land in Huntington of John Westcoat, who bought it of Richard Ogden. In May, 1664, he was admitted freeman by the Court of Connecticut as from Huntington, LI and was made Recorder for the latter town in 1663 and served for nearly twenty years; served also as Constable from 1667 to 1682; Overseer from 1671 to 1681 and Commissioner from 1684 to 1686 inclusive. In 1669 he acted as Attorney for Thomas Mathews and sold land in Oyster Bay. He became interested in the Society of Friends before 1676 and for a number of years refused to contribute towards the salary of the minister and when chosen Constable in 1682, he could not accept the office being 'scrupulous of swearing as the law di...
His will dated 3rd day of 1st mo., 1719/1720, was proven May 27, 1722 and in it he states that he was 'late of Bethpage, now of Westbury in the town of Hempstead." He mentions his children as Thomas, Abigail Willits to whom he bequeaths 'one wainscoat chest and a box of small drawers that was her mothers,' John, James, Caleb, Wait, Elisha, Sarah, Amy, Elizabeth, deceased wife of Samuel Titus, Mercy, Phebe Willis, Rachel Willis. He named his executors, his brother Thomas Townsend, friend Benjamin Seaman and son-in-law William Willis."
Comment by Frances Hagaman Vannest Powell on February 13, 2010 at 5:37pm
Jeannine, Joan, and other Powell researchers - Have you been to the Vedder Genealogy/Historical Library in Green County, New York? Or contacted them? Do you know about the 3X5 cards, the extensive research don on all the Powell descendants of Thomas Powell of Long Island that has been done, complete with document ion? I realize there is a copy of the book showing the fronts of the 3x5 cards in the Salt Lake City archives, and the NY historical Society or library, but the book doesn't show the backs of the cards on which all the documentation is carefully noted, along with additional information. I went there (to the Vedder library) and spent several days scanning much of my husband's direct line - Thomas> Thomas> Moses > James > Moses > etc. The research also includes information about those they married and who their spouses parents were.
Comment by Joan Foster on February 13, 2010 at 5:34pm
Frances, I'm interested in Thomas Powell's & Abigail Wood's daughter Abigail, who m. Richard Willets. Is that your line? What do you know about Thomas (1641) and Abigail Wood themselves?

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