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I just joined this group and see a LOT of names I have worked with.  My line is Jackson and I have a website dedicated to the descendants of Robert Jackson ( and in the process of researching his early family I also had to pick up information about all these intermarried families like Birdsall, Seaman, Titus, Townsend, Underhill, Willets, etc.

I've begun to slowly add my data base (in small bits) to the free, collaborative, wiki site ( and could use a lot of help.  I'd love to recruit folks that have studied Long Island colonial ancestors to contribute what they know to the WeRelate site.  Think wikipedia for genealogists!  Wiki is a challenge for me but I think the free collaborative features are worth the effort. 

In an effort to cut down on GEDCOM uploads of trees just copied from someone else's tree with no sources, the site has limited GEDCOM uploads to folks born 1750 and later.  But earlier folks can be added manually.  That limit is sort of a pain but it is helping the site have a much better quality of information available.  The site is big on sources so plan to upload your sources with your data. 

There is a tutorial both video and text for new users of the site.  So come explore and see what all can be done on a wiki site.  Together we can build something really good!


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Hi Janie,

I guess we don't get notifications from this site. I'd forgotten about it completely and just came across it by chance, finding a message left for me last year.

I just visited the WeRelate wiki site, but for me it's a complete wash. Some of my Week(e)s family is there, but with incorrect information on my particular line, so it's probably too much trouble for me to upload another entire line to make it correct and get into arguments about who's right. (That, and I was never good at footnotes, lol - my source material is mentioned in my notes throughout my genealogy program, but not kept as sources notes.)

When was free, people were uploading their information on that site too, but then it became a pay site, for an affordable amount, but now is way to high-priced and family lines aren't tamper proof by anyone who might want to work on them using specious info gathered from other private/personal websites.

I have a Luther Jackson (b. abt. 1828) in my family; he married one of my grandfather's great aunts, Annie Weeks (b. abt. 1840), whose parents were Samuel Weeks and Janette Baylis/Bailey. Luther was a saloon-keeper. Annie and Luther Jackson had three children, Samuel (b. abt. 1862), Emily (b. abt. 1866) and Jennie Jackson. Jennie married someone surnamed Buck and had a son Bill Buck. That's all the info I have on them. Don't have any further info on Luther Jackson, so don't know his line back. All of the information on this family came to me via my mother and her sisters, from memory. I followed up using census records.

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