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Here are newspaper articles about Samuel Lederers 70th Birthday in 1894 ( The article is at the top,third column from the right.) and an article about Samuel and Marie Abels Lederer's Golden Anniversary in 1902.I've attached a biography of Samuel Lederer from a book about New Brunswick,New Jersey,and cousin Susan Comstock has added links to biographies of Julius Lederer and his brother-in-law,Maurice Baumann of New Haven.

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Here are the links to two articles I found at RootsWeb a couple years back. I just knew that I was related to these people, but not on a direct line, but I couldn't figure out how. Now I know! (Morris Baumann married Clara Lederer). Did you contribute these articles, Sue?

Susan Comstock
I can't remember if I contributed them,but I'm glad you made them available to everyone!

The photo in the Lederer Album on my page called "Four Generations" is one of my favorites. That's Julius Lederer (the one the article is about) on the left,my dad is the baby on his father's lap,and that's Samuel Lederer, the immigrant,on the right.I love old photos;and I love seeing resemblances between people.

I have a biography of Samuel,too,which I found online.I need to locate it and post it,too.



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