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My goal is to find info on my first known Robertson, Samuel who lived betweenca.1844 and died in Washington county (Springfield), Ky in 1815. There is a book, The History of The Hardin Family In The Early Settling of Kentucky by Jack Hardin, Jr (1915). The book tells the story of a group of families that left Springhill settlement on George's Creek in Fayette County, Pa. headed to the Falls of the Ohio (Louisville) in the Spring of 1780. On 20 March 1780, thet were attacked by Indians near what is now Maysville, Ky from the Ohio side. Several were killed and a Mrs Hardin And Mrs. Robertson and two of each woman's children were taken captive up into Ohio and eventually taken to Quebec by the French and a few years later the Hardins and Robertsons came back to Kentucky and settled in Springfield. The book refers to one of the pioneer men involved in the exploits to rescue their wives as "Robertson" but never uses his first name. I think that this "Robertson" was my ancestor, Samuel but I want to confirm this as this story was never passed down. I am trying to connect Samuel to Fayette County and I am trying to find the name of his first wife as the history from Springfield, Ky. states that she was the mother of his children, she died in the 1790's but her name is unknown. I would like to be hooked into the Western Pennsylvania Genealogy Society. My name is George W. Robertson in Louisville, Ky. 502-245-2435. If anyone reads this and has any possible leads. please contact me

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