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He is my great-grandfather. I have been looking for a long time for my great-grandmother, Elsie Simpson.

I am pulling this together from family lore and photos and am looking for a way to establish the facts.

Luther was born 1/1/1856 and died on 9/23/1942. He is descended from Richard Dickinson, a skinner, born in London, baptized on 7/7/1564.

 I can tell you they all have the last name Dickerson and the two sons worked with their father as race horse trainers.There are photos of the children, sterling silver baby spoons with their names on them.

Roy William Dickerson was born 11/29/1887

William Simpson Dickerson was born 12/13/1888. His death certificate states his father was Luther B Dickerson, his mother Elsie Simpson.

Mary Weiser Dickerson, my grandmother, was born 4/11/1892.

If anyone has information on where I should look, how they were viewed by society, I would be grateful.

Mary L Aune

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