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Hi I'm SO new to Jewish Genealogy, although very good at Australian General Genealogy. My Uncles mother was a Jewish lady born Sarah Jane Isaacs in 1875 in Melbourne Australia. Her parents were Lewis Isaacs born 1850 New York, died 1918 Clifton Hill Victoria Australia and his wife was Louis Robinson born 1851 Melbourne Australia, she died in 1922 Northcote Victoria Australia.

Lewis Isaacs parents were Abraham Benjamin Isaacs (date and place of birth unknown) died 9 Dec 1902 Richmond Victoria Australia and his wife Frances Levi died 1894 Richmond Victoria Australia (date and place of birth also unknown.

Lewis' parents were Benjamin Isaacs and Rachel Rodregres - no other information known about them.

Honestly I don't know where to start, especially in America. If Lewis was born there in 1850, were his parents also born there, did they go there from somewhere, did they die there? Can anyone start me on the right track to finding out the details of this family? Kindest Regards, Jo.

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I'd start with the 1850 and 1860 US census. You can access them on without joining, I believe. Try spelling his name both Lewis and Louis. There's no way to know if his parents were US-born until you backtrack.You list 4 different people as Lewis' parents: Abraham Benjamin, Benjamin, Frances and Rachel. Best thing is to start with what you: Lewis Isaacs, born 1850 in NY. I believe also has an Australian companion site and you can check on the Australian connection there.
I'm sorry I was in such a hurry to put stuff on I misspoke.

Lewis' parents were Abraham Benjamin Isaacs and Frances Levi.

Lewis' GRANDparents were Benjamin Isaacs and his wife Rebecca Rodregres and

Frances' father Rueben Levy.

Sorry for the error
Hi, Jo

Just noticed that Lewis' grandmother was Rebecca Rodregres (Rodrigez, etc.), which leads me to suspect the Isaacs et all may have been Sephardic. The Spanish Portuguese synagogue (Bevis Marks) has extensive archives and it might be worth a look, At home I have the Bevis Marks books as well as Great Synagogue Marriage registers, but I won't be back home until August 15 to check them.
In the US 1850 census on there is an Abraham and Frances Isaacs in New York with children Benjamin (age 3 - born in Ohio), Reuben (age 2-born in NY) and Louis (age 6 months-born in NY). The date of the census was in August. According to the census, Abraham was born in 1825 in England, and Frances was born in 1827 in England.
Wow this is SO helpful thank you. As I've said I'm just starting Jewish family research, I didn't know Jewish people had a religious name like frank son of frank etc, or that there were 3 casts of Jewish family groups. But, I'm learning. I'll try and chase the family LEAVING England and ENTERING Australia. Thanks so much for the quick help
Couldn't find them entering Australia, tried several different databases. Will try England
Thanks, John, for helping Jo. I just back from dinner, so didn't get a chance to do more.

Just double checked my facts Abraham Benjamin Isaacs and Francis Levi had as far as I know 4 sons , Lewis, George, Phillip and Louis? Daughters Sarah Rebecca and Rachel. Am attaching a copy of his will that I found, that I thought you might find interesting, and perhaps see things in that I dont. Kind Regards Jo
I couldn't upload Abraham's will, tried twice, don't understand
Hi, Jo.

Very nice to meet you. I've done posts on Australian Jewish resources on Tracing the Tribe and if you go there and put Australia in the search box, things should pop up re books and archives and other resources.

Let me know if that helps.

So far from that I've found this the Australian Jewish Newspaper online. It has a "roots" section, where people from all over the world seem to have posted a search for a person. Just thought you might be interested. I'm finding tracing the tribe very fascinating though, and am getting very sidetracked!





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