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If you are researching or interested in the region of Veneto genealogically, please post your queries, family information, any resources you'd like to share and anything else that you feel is applicable to Veneto here. If you would prefer that your post be viewed by the whole group, post it to the Comment Wall and not here (please don't double post to both places), just keep in mind that posts in the Comment Wall will quickly be buried by new posts...

Provinces Include:
Venice (Venezia) (VE)
Vicenza (VI)
Belluno (BL)
Treviso (TV)
Verona (VR)
Padua (Padova) (PD)
Rovigo (RO)

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I have been researching in Treviso, Belluno, Verona & Brescia Provinces in the parish and State Archives for about 10 years now. I am performing complete parish research. In other words I have extracted out every last name that exists in the records. If you have ancestry from any of the following parishes then contact me and I may be able to help you.

I have complete translations of the following parishes: Valle di Cadore (BL), Vazzola, Cimetta, Soffratta, Ramiera, Lutrano, Fontanelle, Visna, Rai di San Polo (TV), Provaglio Sotto & Sopra (BR) and Cavalo (VR).

Work in progress include Tezze, Zoppe . San Vendemiano. Collagrigo & Formeniga which will be completed in about a year.
Giovanni SCHENA and Santina MONACO (with son Pietro) came thur Ellis Island in 1901.
Research indicates Giovanni was born in Rivamonte.
Santina was born in Belluno.
Pietro, my grandfather Peter, was born in Tremello.

Can you help with any of these?


I am desparately trying to trace my family from Venezia!  It is reported that they have been in the Veneto since the 1300's but I am having a hard time researching since I am in the States and Venice does not post records.


As a starting point, I would like to get the birth records for:

Bice Romanin born Apr 4 1906
Luigi Canziani born Jul 3 1898 (father Guglielmo Canziani and mother Caterina Ferro) - it would be nice if we can also get the birth records for the siblings  Carlo Canziani, Nicola Canziani, Natale Canziani, and Giovanna Canziani
I would like the marriage record for Bice Romanin and Luigi Canziani perhaps circa 1930?

Update.... I have found the marriage record for my great-grandparents Bice and Luigi! about a year ago added images of Venetian records.  Newest record is about 1921, and they have not been indexed yet so the search is slow going.





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