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Mapping out where your ancestors lived, moved to, came from, is a great way to get an idea about who they were, and where to look for records. There are tons of map sites online - some better than others. Lets share our favorites and their pros and cons. Be sure to post why you like a site that you post, along with the address!

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I'll start with a couple of my favorites!
1. Atlas of Historic County Boundary Changes. Shows the changes in US states' county boundaries over time - not just census years - with the background of the current boundaries.
2. US Gen Web Digital Maps. What doesn't USGen Web have!
3. Library of Congress' American Memory Project - Maps. The ones I've been using have great originals posted so that I can zoom way in and still read the detail. City maps, land ownership maps - all sorts of cool stuff.
My favourite is an Australian site, a little bit different and related to WW1 research : Mapping our Anzacs at -
out of the National Archives of Australia has won awards.

Find a WW1 service person and see their service record, add a note or photograph to the scrapbook, build a tribute to people important to you. On Mapping Our Anzacs, you can browse maps of Australia, the United Kingdom and the world, explorig more than 15,000 places where service people were born or enlisted. Once you have found a location, you simply follow a link to see details of all the people associated with it. Further links take you directly to digitised copies of their service records.Mapping Our Anzacs provides a new way of navigating the National Archives’ World War 1 Service records – not by name, but by place. I have placed scrapbook entries for Richard Andrew CAMM and Richard Thomas COOKE.
Has anyone used Ancestral Atlas?

Ancestral Atlas has added a very cool new feature. At the touch of a button you can create a map that links the event locations of a particular person from birth through to death (personal Life Map) and also create maps that link an individual to all ancestors and/or descendants where a location is recorded. The ancestor/descendant maps locate the earliest recorded event location of all descendants/ancestors and then draws a line on the map to these events from the person you are searching against, thus mapping your heritage. Learn a lot more about Ancestral Atlas in a Roots Television video interview with Nick Francis. Start at
Find a a story.. tell a story
Choose a story that matters to you and using an online mapping tool like Community Walk, Wayfaring or Google Maps, create a StoryMap that will place your stories within a geographical context
I have not signed up for this one, so welcome comments about it.
For finding Latitude and Lognatude for places in Australia I use: This is found on the Geoscience Australia website. I hope this helps some Australian researchers.
I can't think of a better site for historical maps than David Rumsey
This is a HUGE collection of just about any historical map you might want. I have been using it for years, and it just keeps growing. As with most websites, it now has a Facebook page.



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