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Has anyone come up with an easy way to attach a document label to your document image electronically and I don't mean sticking a label on it and scanning it? There's got to be a great way to do it all electronically. Does anyone have any tricks you can share?

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What I do is bring it into PaintShop Pro and put a small text label in the corner. Of course Photoshop and several others can do the same. Use the Text tool and an easy to read font and size.

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Hmmm. The only thing I've been able to figure out is to type up the full source citation in Word, and move it to the very bottom (in portrait mode) or the very far right margin of the page (in landscape mode), and then feed the document through my printer, so it prints the citation directly on the document. I do this before scanning the document. I'm not sure about adding a citation to something that has already been scanned, but I'm not the most techno-capable person in the world. I'll watch this page for great ideas!
In Word you can use auto shapes, rectangular box, put it on the document where you want it and then add text and expand the box to fit the text.
So I discovered recently that you can pull up a jpg image in Paint and add a text box. This might be another alternative for adding document labels to your electronic images.
I have had great success with Picasa by Google. It works very well in adding a caption to whatever document you have scanned and made into a digital image. it's easy,quick and has several functions that you can alter to fit your needs.
The other feature of Picasa That I really like is the order or folders it can keep your documents in. Ultimately, as you organize the document pictures in Picasa, you can then find them on your hard drive In those folders.

I find that Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0 works pretty well for adding citations to a .pdf document.  Once you've added the citation, you can save it as a .pdf document again.

I save my document as a PDF and then can type text on it with a program called Cute PDF Professional.  It was less than Adobe Acrobat and you can manipulate and combine PDF's. 





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