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Hi, am looking for any information on the LAMPLUGH/LAMPLOUGH surnames - particularly those living in Hull during the 19th century. I have had access to all the censuses but am having difficulty tying up spouses, children etc.

I have pretty much all of the detail on my Grandfather William King Lamplugh, born in Skipsea in 1883 and died in Ottringham in 1965. He had lived at a farm - The Chesnuts, at Burton Pidsea in the 1920's. From the 1960's I have lost touch with any of his son Hugh Lamplugh's family and would love to find out where they are now.

regards, Richard Lamplugh

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Richard - I think we may have communicated before. My Lamplugh connections are Louisa Lamplugh, first wife of my great grandfather, John Moore, b. 1838. Louisa was born in Dringhoe (1840) - so every chance of a connection to Skipsea, and died in Bridlington in 1892. John and Louisa were also first cousins, so Louisa is a cousin of myself also. To make the matter more complex, Louisa's sister, Matilda, married Johns' brother Robert Moore.

I am also in touch with a descendant of Louisa and Matilda's other sister, Jemima (who I have a photograph of). She married William Dixon and emigrated to Seward, Nebraska, USA, where her descendants still live.

The parents of the three sisters were Richard Lamplugh, b. Dringhoe, 1812, died Weaverthorpe 1864, buried in Skipsea and Ulrome; and Matilda Cattle, 1815-1856.

Martin Cross
Hi Martin. Thanks for your quick response - we probably have communicated before and I have also seen your posts on the Driffield Forums site re Flamborough families- which as I am sure you are aware included several Lamploughs.

The information you give I agree with - apart from Matilda Cattle ( should be Martha ), perhaps a mis-type on your part ?

I have Jemima married to William Dixon but no actual wedding date. Also you have Martha Cattle's death as 1856 - could you help with any actual dates and locations for these two items?

regards, Richard Lamplugh
As a descendant of William Dixon (Jnr.)'s uncle, George Dixon, I did a lot of work 10 years ago in the parish records of Foston-on-the-Wolds, focussed on George's line but with incidental recording of information on his brother's family (William Dixon, Sr.). Looking at my notes, I do not find a date for the Marriage of William Dixon Jnr. to Jemima Lamplugh, but I did note that the location of marriage was Foston. So you may find the marriage date you seek in the Foston parish records, in Beverley.

regards, John W. Hunt
Thanks for your response John. Have indeed found the marriage - PE136/9. Foston Marriages 1837-1978. Page 60, No 119.

I have nothing on his George Dixon so cannot help you with his line.

Thanks Richard.
Would like to communicate to/with descendant of William & Jemima Dixon in Nebraska; William's father was brother to my ancestor, George Dixon of Foston-on-the-Wolds, whose genealogy of descendants in U.S. and Australia I have, plus many photos. John Hunt, Kirkland WA USA;
Mr. Cross, could you possibly pass my name and e-mail address ( ) to whomever you have contacted in Seward, Nebraska and let them know that I have an extensive amount of information on the Dixon emigrants and descendants, in the US and Australia? I would be happy to share this information and numerous photos. Their/your photos of Jemima Dixon (and others?) would be appreciated in return.

John Hunt
I think we may be related as my father is also William King Lamplugh (named after his grandfather) - his father was also called Hugh! He's never really discussed his family with me though so i'm not 100% sure.

regards, Becky Lamplugh.
Hi Becky, I think you may be a cousin of mine as my father was Richard Lamplugh, son of William King Lamplugh. He was the elder brother of Hugh Lamplugh.

If you would like know more about this family or catch up on some of the Lamplughs' my email is

Would love to hear from you,

Richard Lamplugh.
Hi Richard, thanks for the fast response. i'm sorry but i didn't quite catch your e-mail.. so if you'd like to email me, i'd love to know more about the family. My E-Mail is

speak soon, Becky.



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