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I'm interested in verifying the birth date and parents of William ASHBY. According to the his retirement papers from the 27th Regiment of Foot in 1867, was born in or near St. Mary's parish, near or in Hull, Yorkshire, ca 1725.

He retired from the 27th regiment while stationed in what is now Quebec, Canada. He married Marie Danielle Berthiaume.

He joined the military ca 1744.

Wes Klangb

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I think you need to check the years.

You say he was born in 1725 and his retirement papers were in 1867! Must be the longest and oldest ever soldier! I think you mean 1767

You are correct, Victor. (My fingers on the keyboard are not always connected to my thinking process.)

William retired in 1767, was still living in Quebec in 1796, when he applied to the Governor-General of Lower Canada for a land grant.
Hi Wes
There are two other Ashby's christened in Hull at about this time, - Ursula and Robert, both the children of Robert Ashby (1730 and 1738). They were christened at Holy Trinity but the two churches are very near each other. If you remind me later in the year when I go to Hull in November I'll do a look up for you.
Hi, Liz,

I want to thank you for the pointer to the Ashby/Asby/Asbye entries in the births/christnings (sp?) for Holy Trinity parish (1/4 mile from St. Mary's parish) in Hull.

I just returned from a visit to the FHL in Salt Lake City; I now have copies of the Ashby/Asby/Asbye data, but now I'm left to figure-out whether my William Ashby is the one christined (sp?) in 1728 at Holy Trinity.

A 1796 notarized copy of my William Ashby's discharge paper from the British army in 1767 indicates he was then 42 years old, born in St. Mary's parish near Hull, Yorkshire.







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