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my husbands grandfather Charlie George Harrison said he was related to President Harrison. He was born in 1904 in Exeter Missouri and married to Nora May Stevenson, so we were trying to figure out which grandson or great grandson or son of President Harrison was his father.  Charlie George Harrison brother was Lee and sister Rosie.

I hope there is someone who might know.


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I found your husband's grandfather in the 1910 census.

1910 Liberty, Barry Co., MO
Harrison, Henry Head 31 md1 12 AR TN AR Farmer (his birthplace, and the birthplace of his father and mother)
Lula B. wife 28 md1 12 6-5 MO TN MO (she was 28, married once, for 12 years, 6 children, 5 living)
Tracy L. dau 11 s MO AR MO
Clarence E. son 7 s " " "
Charles G. son 5 s " " "
Lola M. dau 2 s " " "
Lee B. son 5/12 s " " "

Using this, I found a listing for the family in

Henry was Francis Henry Harrison, b. 1879 Carroll, AR,
m. Lula B. Stewart 1898. Francis Henry Harrison was the son of Joseph Harrison, b. 1847 Carroll, Missouri,
d. 24 Jul 1936 Lebanon, Leclede Co., MO, and Louisa Baker. Joseph Harrison was the son of Benjamin Harrison
born 26 Feb 1812 in Kentucky, d. 8 Jun 1897 in Dutch Mills, Washington Co., Arkansas and Elizabeth Adkins.
He was the son of William Henry Harrison (not the president) b. 1768 VA, d. 1848 Carroll Co., MO, m. Winifred Hancock

I didn't check these out to confirm whether the line is correct, but have no reason to doubt it. I found the marriage record
of Henry and Lula and it did give her last name as Stewart. Since they were under 21, it was signed by L.M. Harrison, his
mother, and L.M. Stewart, her father, so now you also know her father's initials, which will make finding her ancestors
much easier.

There have been a lot of folks who've worked on this family, and I have seen three different sets of parents for this
William Henry Harrison b. 1768 listed over the years. The one person who we have tested in the Harrison DNA Project who is part of this family matches the line of Anthony Harrison of Over, England, that goes back to the 1500s in Cambridgeshire, but is not part of the "presidential Harrison" line. You can check it out in lineage 4 of the Harrison project at

The "James River Harrisons" are the presidential Harrison line, and they are lineage group 34.

Hope this helps!
John Harrison
Thanks so much for your information.
I am a G Grandson of Addie Bell Harrison, sister of Frances Henry Harrison. I along with my brother George Miller have worked for many years on the Harrison line of our family. To correct you on some of your information. Joseph is not the father of Frances Henry. Hiram Joseph is the brother of Robert Austin, who is the father of Frances Henry and Addie Bell Harrison. Benjamin Harrison and Elizabeth Adkins are the parents of Robert Austin. William Henry Harrison and Winifred Hancock are the parents of Benjamin Harrison.
William Henry Harrison is buried in the Big Adkins cemetery of Carroll County, Mo. I know that an inscription on a tombstone is not definite documentation of genealogical descent, but on the reverse side of his stone it says "son of Captain Henry Harrison". Our family has been told by our ancestors that we were related to "William Henry Harrison" the president of the US.
The only "Captain Henry Harrison" related to the President that would be in the age group to be our "William Henry's father" is Henry Harrison son of Benjamin Harrison IV. Henry is brother of Benjamin Harrison V, signer of the Declaration of Independence. Benjamin Harrison V is father of William Henry Harrison, the president.
DNA i am sure is a good tool in genealogy.

I would be interested in any information naming some other parents of "William Henry" of Carroll Co., Mo.

Gloyd Miller



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