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Haplogroup H10 (Finnish, Russian, American, North Carolina, Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New England)


I am interesting in the history of the Lutherans of Finland, Quakers and Mennonites of Pennsylvania, Finnish community in Michigan and Massachusetts that may have settled in Appalachia and Western North Carolina, in particular Winston-Salem and Mecklenburg County, N.C. Some surnames are Lawson, Williams, Conrad, Mason, Wilson, Mason, Smith, McCall, Anderson, Bryan, Boone, Halle, Brown, Blue, Moon, Castleberry, Miller, Fleming, Knowlton, Jones, Meli, Gartz, Guidry, White, Clendenen, Long, Koechig, Morehead, Steele/Byrd, Swan Swaim, Bentley, Sheffler, Moriarty, Stevens, Staley, Doss, Ross, Dotson, Biewer, Ripley, Steiger, Forster, Collier, Stroud, Armstrong, Addison,Kriefall, Crouse, Sillick, Samuelson, Martin, Cassidy, Jackson, Brewington, Manuel/Emanuel, Graham, Carr, Evans, Johnson, Osterhom,Ketchum, Mitchelitsch, Tonnesen, Silverberg. Please, feel comfortable in sharing information and asking questions.





















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