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Rebecca Haines Born C1725 NY married 1st Jeremiah Johnson 2nd George Field

Looking for information on the ancestry for Rebecca Haines. Her first husband Jeremiah Johnson died about 1756, New York. Their children were Henry, Jeremiah and Nancy all born in New York city. Rebecca then married George Field and the first three children, Daniel, Mary and Hannah were also born in New York before moving to Pennsylvania where Glibert and Nathan were born. Rebecca, and her children from both husbands all moved to Canada during the Revolution.

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Hi, Brenda. Thanks for your post. It's probable that I am a descendant of Rebecca Haines. My grandmother was a Haines, born in Ontario, Canada in the 1800s. Her ancestors left the U.S. (Pennsylvania) as United Empire Loyalists. Unfortunately I can't give you any information on the ancestry of Rebecca, but I was wondering if you can point me in the right direction for information on her descendants and details of their move to Canada. Thanks.

Hi Liz,

 You might want to check the UEL directory at and see if anyone has proven to your ancestor. I know Henry Haines, Adam Haines and others were Loyalists. 

Rebecca Haines UE (formerly Mrs. Johnson) is how she is known on the Old UEL List. She travelled with the Johnsons and Fields travelled with other families such as the Hortons, Browns and others from Wyoming County, PA to Lincoln County, Ontario. The families checked in at Fort George upon arrival in Canada. 

I’m curious: where did your ancestors end up in Ontario? I know other Haines descendants.

Hi Brenda,

I’m a descendant of Rebecca Haines UE and Dr. Jeremiah Johnson through their son Jeremiah James Johnson. I have not had much luck with searching for information about Rebecca’s parents at all. Rebecca and Jeremiah were married at the Dutch Reformed Church in New Paltz, Ulster County, New York. 

I’ve heard that Rebecca may have come from the Hudson Valley, NY but this has not yet been proven. 

Since Rebecca Haines and Dr. Jeremiah Johnson were married outside of the Quaker religion, I doubt very much that Carlisle Haines and Sarah Matlock are her parents. There would have been a removal order and other documents showing that she was involved in the church and I’ve yet to find anything about this. 

I have also found that Rebecca and Henry Haines (her brother) were listed in the will of Samuel Brown - the father of Phoebe Brown. This information may help other Haines relatives who are trying to prove their UE certificates back to the Haines family who emigrated to Canada. 

Hi Shannon

I have searched through all the Burlington Haines records I can find and have been unable to find Rebecca there, so I think your opinion that she was not part of the Quaker group is probably right on.

I have only been able to find a marriage for Jeremiah and Phoebe in the New Paltz Dutch Reformed Church records:

1766 translated from Dutch-"Married Dec 25 at New Paltz: Jeremiah Johnston, Y.M.. born at Staten Island, living at Shawankong and Phebe Brown, Y.D., born in New Jersey, living at Newburg." source-Records of the Reformed Dutch church of New Paltz, N.Y. The only Haines I ever found in that time period was Aart Hansz who was a witness in 1768 at the Dutch Reformed Church. (same records)

Can you tell me a source for Rebecca and Dr Jeremiah's marriage? I can't find it.

I have also been puzzling over the will of Samuel Brown for several years. I believe his half-sister Rebecca is our ancestor. If there is a connection to Phoebe Brown it would add proof, but he only mentions an adopted daughter in his will, and no real descendants. I also found a will for a Henry Haines that also connects to a Brown family in NJ but I cannot make a connection that proves he is the same Henry Haines relate to Samuel Brown.

My second question is why do you think Phoebe's father is the same Samuel Brown that wrote the will of 1763?

Any help would be gladly appreciated,






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