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I am receiving some feedback from my most active group about the Sorting of messages. The Most Wanted! Ancestors Lost and Found Group owner has a nice how to use Discussion. After reading that discussion I added a similar discussion on my group.

It appears that we, Group "owners" have control over the Sorting of the Comment Wall, like most recent first.

However, I could NOT find a way to have the Discussion Replies sorted Most Recent First. The default is Oldest First.

I am sure that some would want it that way, but others might want to have Most Recent First.

Again, this is at the Discussion level and not the Comment Wall.

The Member has the sorting option for the Discussions but the Owner or Member can not sort the Specific Discussion.

I may be missing something, if so, please advise.

Thank you

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If we change the option on the Discussion Replies the progression of the discussion would be harder to follow. For instance I have a One Name Group; if someone begins a discussion on a particular family and then others add to that family or correct errors by citing their reasons; changing the direction to most recent first would be confusing as the build on that family would not have a logical flow.

Hopefully that made sense.

Sorry I didn't read this earlier today.

I polled my Group, on this topic, and each response, for my group, waa newest first. I'll read the first one listed then down to where "I have already read that one".

For your group, and the reason I posted the request here, is that If I see one of the Brock Walls that I co not think I can be of any use, I wuold just Stop Following that Discussion. BUT, If I found a Discussion that I may be of help with and / or did post a reply to, I would want to return to the Discussion quickly and continue to follow it until the Brick Wall was down or I ran out of suggestions. If I came back, I wouldn't want to page through a number of pages to find the most resent post, that got me back to that discussion.

There are a couple of groups that I have stopped following, because I couldn't find the post that I just received an email for.

Thanks for listening.


I think that each of the Group coordinator needs to see what the group wants. I did, and was suprised as to the response. Others have joined my Group. So, I have tried to listen to the group. The group members might be more active if the message board was more friendly.

Also, there may be some Groups that would be easier for the Threads in a Discussion, Oldest to newest Order. That is why I think WE, the Group Administrators need the option to control the order of message.

Another time, I'll talk about Messages and Replying to message and what option(s) we might need there.





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