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As we learn what works, and what doesn't, on this platform, this thread is intended to be a place where these lessons, recommendations, and consensual decisions can be collected. There have already been several great suggestions, such as creating separate Discussion Threads for FAQ's and Links. I've also started one for "Favorite Offline Research Sites/Repositories" for the Massachusetts Ancestry group, as a way of collecting info on those historical societies, libraries, etc. that do not yet have an online presence, as well as, hopefully, some indication of the type of records or information available there.

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Favorite Offline Research Sites/Repositories Love this idea! Can I adapt it and use for my groups? Thanks
Of course! And I am interested in your ideas about adapting it, and how it works for your groups, as well as any other ideas you might have for other discussions.
Am I the only one who is mystified by the cryptic letters and numbers GA2GA. Do they have any special significance?
My apologies for any confusion. The name was proposed to me by our group admin, as was starting the discussion, when I mentioned the idea for this subject of "best practices," so I used it. GA2GA stands for "Group Admin to Group Admin." I believed, and still do, that it explains the intention of discussing our own best practices as group admins (organizing info and discussions, welcoming and encouraging members, learning from each other what works and what doesn't, dealing with conflicts and misunderstandings, etc.), and not best practices from a member's point of view (i.e. etiquette, sharing information, etc.). Hope this helps clear up any confusion.



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