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In response to Jill --
The first section of the CSS has the full pathname to the image used by the Theme on the ning server. I'm not sure if we are allowed to upload images of our own to use, but perhaps the Ning help tells this.

Also, I thought it best to get off the Comment Wall with this discussion, so started one just for this topic.

Best regards!

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Hi Jill,
I think what may be confusing is that the CSS that we are being allowed to modify is only a portion of the full CSS for the page. The parts which control/specify the masthead and other features of the page are not being shown to us, and my guess would be for the following reason . . . the site owners want to have a common look and feel to all the pages on the site. If they did not do this, then we could make our home pages look like they were not related to this website at all. So what you see and can change is not the complete CSS, and that can be confusing. There is no more or less advanced versions of CSS, so you can relax about that. The fact that you are only seeing a portion can make you feel like what you do see is doing more than it is, leading to your confusion until you realize there is more. They should explain that in the help file, but as we both know, this is a work-in-process.
Just came across an awesome collection of CSS how-to's and resources, all in one article . . .



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