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Wow! You're really talented! Here's my request: an image for a brief family anecdote (one-page PDF) about a little 4 year-old girl who went out to the chicken shed with her toy lariat and, surprisingly, lassoed the rooster (who was almost as tall as she was)., The rooster and a flock of chickens began to chase the girl down the road leading to the farmhouse. Grandpa watching, laughing, and retells the story for years. Can you do it? Thx, Gary.

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What size would you need? Have you described the girl in the book...meaning, is she a blonde, red head..??? short hair, long hair...
no description of girl; draft article attached
Don't know if this is what you had in mind but it is painting with tubes. If you want something more detailed like your story, then you may want to seek an illustrator

How precious! Thank you so-o-o much!



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