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I will be making some general graphics and placing them within this thread. All are welcome to use them...please just don't claim them as your creation.

Save the graphics to your computer then upload them where you want to use them.

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Thank you Debbie but that is the beauty of graphic programs such as Corel X (which I use). It is all done with tubes, gradients and fancy fonts... That is abt all the credit I can take.

Glad y'all like them.
Hi Sherry!

We spoke previously, then things kind of blew up as far as getting busy and creating the Free for Your Use Graphic Design group, eh?

Here is what I have, regarding what I would like as the background for my profile. It is my genealogy calling card so to speak; I hand it out at my family reunions in the event that friends or family members want my help with research, or come across anything genealogy related:
Porsha, haven't heard back from you...if you want to mail me your card, I can scan it in and work with it that way.

Let me know and I'll send you a private post with the address.

wondering if you can do something for part of my family? last name Zay they (John and Emilia Schneider) were married july 28, 1896 in Temesvar, Tens, Hungary came to St. Louis, Mo in March 1900. Something maybe old looking like established like you see on some tee shirts or what ever you think would be fun or interesting.

also what is you off line e mail so I can see about pricing because I need something to put on a tee shirt for our reunion in Sept 2009. It is our first reunion in over 40 years it will take place in St. Louis, MO This is a group picture of the family in 1910 with the youngest added she was born in 1922.

Katie Humphreys
Just now read your post! SORRY!
My email is

I'll make your icon for Zay right now. A wonderful photo you have! I love these old photos. Thank you for sharing it.
Pick your graphic up in the "front" of the group..on the discussion wall. If you don't like it, let me know I'll redo it.
Hi all!
Just fooling around a little with some digital graphics. Perhaps this one might invoke a smile?
Happy Dae·

This is soooo cool!!!!!!

make some more Dae! I like to see the different ideas

Flower Child

Flower Child
Happy Dae· are REALLY good...are you a professional?? I love this!!
(can you give me some lessons!!)
I'm only learning digital graphics, meself. I just imitate, is all. Very enjoyable, however.

Happy Dae·
"Elena 1924"



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