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This month, we discuss the important part that historical and genealogical societies have played in genealogical research and why it's important that we ALL do our part to ensure that our societies stay alive and vibrant. I've seen way too many societies disband, usually due to a lack of volunteers to fill necessary volunteer posts.

Just think about it. All those databases that we just love to find online at GenWeb, RoostWeb, Ancestry, etc., they didn't just spontaneously create themselves. They were created by volunteers who, more than likely, were part of a local society that took the time to extract and/or transcribe the information. Without these little societies, Web sites like wouldn't even exist.

Societies Matter.

Even if you never attend a single meeting, in my humble opinion, it's worth the $20/30 per year in membership just to keep the organization afloat. And if you have a little extra time, societies could really use your help. Read all about it in the GGN:

My two cents. What do YOU think?

- L

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Glad to see that the November issue is out and I shall be printing it off shortly!! And as usual, it looks like another great issue!

BTW---I was spreading the word around last week about your newsletter (actually took it with me and shared it with folks) as they admired my GotGenealogy Bag!! You should have a few more followers!

Angela, you're too kind. Check's in the mail.

- L



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